Top 5 Best Winch Cable For ATV Plow-2023[ Ultimate Buying Guide]

A winch is better when the cable attached to it is better, right? So, it is important to find out the best winch cable for the winch. But with so many winches on the market, it’s tough enough to find the best winch cable for ATV plow.

Don’t be worry, if you really want to get the best ATV plow winch cable then you get it. First, you need to find out actually what you need? After that your budget, quality of winch, and so on to get the best one.

This article will thoroughly describe the best ATV plow winch cable. So, keep reading to find out the best ATV plow winch cable that will be best fitted with your car.

What is the best winch cable for an ATV plow?

In the winter plowing season, the ATV is something that is used to handle the snow properly. When the ATV got stuck on snow then a winch is needed to get rid of it from the snow.

Best Winch Cable For ATV Plow

A strong winch with a perfect cable will assist to get rid of it in this horrible situation. If the winch is strong but not the cable, then it is impossible to get rid of due to the chance of a break.

So, it is very much necessary to choose the best cable for the ATV plow. Keep reading and find out your suitable cable for the ATV plow. Let’s start the journey of finding the best winch cable for the ATV plow.

1. Azamia 3/8″ x 95′ 25000 Lbs. Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope

Azamia Synthetic Winch Cable is a combination of 12 strands of red and black braided ultra-tough nylon. The combination of these two winch ropes is a feature that makes it different from other winch cables.

The winch cable provides up to 25000 lbs. tensile strength that will really amaze you. However, it comes with extreme UV resistance and a waterproof feature.

It is not only a UV-resistant cable but also good chemical resistance. The protective slave works to protect the cable from UV, Sun exposure, overheating, and chemical grazing.

It doesn’t stock an enormous amount of energy beneath the load and effectively protects your car in case of breaking. Because of its anti-rusting feature, there is no chance of rust on this cable.

The winch is lightweight that’s why you can easily handle it. And the lightweight feature decreases the chance of strain. The high molecular polyethylene synthetic fiber resists the cable from extreme fatigue and strength.


  • Azamia Lifetime Support: The cable supply the absolute strength for your car and ensure your car safety. Azamia ensure the lifetime support for any kind of problem, otherwise it is a technical problem or something else.

    So, for an embarrassment-free service in case of any cable-related issue, you can buy it undoubtedly.
  • Affordable with safety: For getting a safe and affordable winch cable than there is no better one than it.

    It is affordable and safe than any other traditional cable. The advantage of this cable is – It’s lightweight that’s why there is less chance of body fatigue and strain.
  • Optimum tensile strength: The 12-strand polyethylene formation ingredient is able to provide up to 25000 lbs. tensile strength. And the synthetic fiber of it assists in biological and high fatigue resistance.
  • Efficiency: This winch cable resists overheating, rough surface, slippage, and is also easy to handle. This winch cable rope won’t kink like other steel rope.

    The cable Protective slave protects it from Sun exposure, UV (Ultraviolet radiation), overheating, and chemical grazing.
Technical Aspect Details
Product Dimensions: 18.54 x 7.48 x 4.02 inches
Product Weight 4.93 pounds
Manufacturer AZAMIA


  • Many users don’t like a short rash guard.
  • There is no screw to install the cable.

2. Winch Rope 3/16”x50′ Synthetic Winch Cable 7000LBs for ATV UTV

This winch cable is 12 strands braided tough nylon made with a 50 feet cable length, 7000 pounds average breaking strength, and 3/16 inches rope diameter.

Although the strength of this tough nylon is heavy it is very much lightweight, stronger, and much safer than other winch cables.

Due to the cable’s lightweight features, it is easy to splice and there are no sharp frays on it. This synthetic winch cable has a protective slave of 1-meter length for ATV, UTV, and SUV.

The protective slave protects the winch cable from slippage, frying, and overheating. Every nylon rope holds a terminal and a spliced eye. These two (terminal, spliced eye) are on two ends of the cable. The color of this synthetic winch cable is blue.


  • Cable is waterproof and weather resistant: The cable (Length: 3/16 inches and Diameter: 50 feet) is waterproof, UV (Ultraviolet), chemical, rust, and weather-resistant. This cable include sheath, eye guard, rubber stopper, and the material of the cable is Nylon.
  • Best fit cable for most winch: It is the best fit cable for most of the winches on Jeep, SUV, UTV, ATV, and Truck, and so on. It is suitable for the winches like Openroad, Warn, Power Winch, ARB, Warn, and Smittybilt.
  • Lightweight, Stronger, and Easy to use:  With the waterproof features it is lightweight, Stronger, and easy to manage, although it has heavy tough nylon.

    It also has a protective slave to resist UV (Ultraviolet), weather, and chemical abrasive.

    The winch has a 1-year satisfaction and money back guaranty and for any kind of customer problem, they are ready 24/7 to provide useful information to their customers.
Technical Aspect Details
Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches
Product Weight 12 ounces
Manufacturer Aorro
Brand Carforu


  • Installation is relatively difficult when replacing metal cables.
  • Need extra labor for protective sleeve removal and an extra trip to store the hardware.

3. Synthetic Winch Rope String Line Cable 5/16″ 50ft 8500LBs ATV UTV

Made with a combination of solid metal loop and heavy synthetic fiber which is able to resist high temperature, UV, and chemical grinding/abrasive. This synthetic winch line cable is very lightweight to handle and splice easily.

Like other steel rope cables, there is no chance of kink and sharp frays. It is also stronger and safer than any other steel cable.

For protecting the cable from slippage, keen surface, and overheating it has a protective slave of black color.

It is 50 feet in length and blue color cable with minimum stretch and non-spin. It is recommended to upgrade your cables from regular steel to synthetic line cable.


  • Cable dimension: The cable is 50 feet in length,5/16 inch thick,8500 pounds average braking strength which is suitable for SUVs, ATVs, and UTV.

    The 12 stand braided structure is easy to manage, workable (under 20 degrees centigrade), and reparable.
  • Lightweight and safe to use: Compare to other steel cables it is easy to use and safe. With this cable, there is less chance of sharp frays and kinks. So, it can be a good replacement with your regular steel cable.
  • Durability: Due to heavy-duty fiber made, it offers powerful durability at an affordable price. Before I said that it has UV, extreme temperature, and chemical abrasive resistance ability.
Technical Aspect Details
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches
Product Weight 12.8 ounces
Manufacturer QH QH WURONG


  • For badlands 5000 it is too thin.
  • Little bit thin compare to others cable.

4. 10ft Synthetic Plow Lift Rope, Synthetic Winch Rope, ATV Winch Cable, ATV Snow Plow 

The 10 feet ATV snow plow is a very much strong and durable ATV Winch Cable. It is a cable of 6500 pounds amazing breaking strength with various color variations such as black, blue, gray, and orange. As a lift rope, it is designed for heavy plow lifting.

It is a plow cable at an affordable price. So, it is not tough to replace after using a few seasons. It is also the best cable for snow plowing and replaceable (temporarily) cable during plow season.

Compared to traditional steel this cable is much stronger and safer. As a lightweight cable there is less chance of kink rust or recoil.

And also an easily manageable cable. So, it is crystal clear that it can be a great replacement for your traditional steel cable.


  • Reliable Performance: Although you can get it at an affordable price there is no option to think that it is not reliable cable. The 6500 pounds breaking capacity/strength, less chance of kink, and rust assist you to get the best result.
  • Lightweight, Safer and Stronger: If you use a traditional steel cable for your winch, then leave it now.

    Because there is an alternative that is stronger and safer than your traditional steel-made cable. As a lightweight ATV plow cable, it is also easily manageable.
  • Heavy Duty and Strong:  This cable is strong and heavy for moving gravel and snow easily and efficiently. It is perfect cable for Honda Rancher ATV as it comes with perfect length and diameter for plowing using this ATV.
  • 39 Inches Rock Guard: There is a rock guard (39 inches) on both sides of the cable to shield it from obsessive heat.
Technical Aspect Details
Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches
Product Weight 3.2 ounces
Brand QIQU
Best Selling Product Yes


  • A little bit short compared to other ATV plow cables.

5. AlltoAuto 3/16″ x 50′-8200lbs Synthetic UTV/ATV Winch Rope

AlltoAuto synthetic UTV/ATV cable rope is made of Hi-tech polyethylene and is much safer than any other cable.

If you talk about this cable rope’s consistency then no doubt it is stronger than other cables because of its amazing 8,200 braking capacity.

It has UHMWPE synthetic fiber with only 13.4 ounces 3/16 inches diameter. As a lightweight synthetic rope cable, it is easy to handle.

For protecting the rope cable from chemical grazing and UV it has black urethane (coated). The 12 strands braided nylon of this cable is waterproof and also resistant to getting rusted.


  • Protective sleeve to protect from UV: It has a black urethane (coated) protective sleeve for protecting the rope cable from chemical grazing and UV.

    The first layer of this rope cable has a coating of temperature resistance with a braided type structure for wrapping the drum of the winch.
  • Synthetic fiber for high strength resistance: The content of synthetic fiber of this cable resists high fatigue and strength. The cable is usable on winches of your car with 4500 pounds pulling capacity and 3/16 inch in diameter.
  • Easy to install and use: Because of its self-tightening feature, it is easy to install. The cable is lightweight than any other steel cable and easy to handle or use.
  • Money-back warranty: AlltoAuto promises to give you a 2 years limited and 30 days money-return warranty. It also provides 24/7 customer support online.
Technical Aspect Details
Product Dimensions: 12.05 x 4.13 x 4.02 inches
Product Weight 13.4 ounces
Manufacturer Xinhuang
Brand AlltoAuto


  • Some user says that there is nothing to connect it with winch drum.
  • Maybe it is not good with a lot of tension.

What is the method of replacing ATV winch cable?

Whether you replace a synthetic rope with a cable or replace the cable with a new one the process is almost the same. The only difference is the methods that you choose to attach the cable. Let’s see the method of replacing ATV cable.

1. Prepared the necessary tools you required:

Before starting the cable replacing journey, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to replace it. The other vital thing is to find out whether the winch cable/rope is with an unfinished end or not.

Because the winch cable in the market comes with an unfinished end. But it is recommended to buy a winch cable with an end loop and nowadays, most of the winch in the market with an end loop.

Secondly, you need to ensure that you select the perfect fairleads for replacement. For steel cable, you can use fairlead (steel roller) or a hawse of cast steel.

The Steel roller fairlead works great until it is not corroded. For avoiding roller damage, it needs to overlap the corners.

2. Remove the hook and fairleads:

Now it’s time to remove the split pin and bolt that works to make a connection between the eye loop and hock. To remove the fairleads you need to do that.

You can use the hook again if it’s in a good state. After that, you have to remove the fairleads also to access the winch drum.

3. Detach the winch motor:

You will find a switch button beside the winch, using this switch you need to detach the winch motor from the cable drum. There is a knob on the end of the ATV’s winch and you need to turn it clockwise until you hear a click.

4. Remove the previous winch line:

First, use hand gloves to remove your previous cable if it’s an old steel cable. After that pull the previous cable by hand and try to not use the winch motor to unspool it. Because it is good to unspool the cable by hand.

5. Examine the fairlead and winch drum:

There is a chance of fairlead and winch drum getting damaged because of steel cable installation.

That’s why you need to examine those things before replacing the cable. For protecting the steel cable from getting damaged you have to address any sharp edges before installing the cable.

6. Mounting your new cable:

If the winch drum has a hole with a set screw then mount the end of the new cable into the hole as your old one was. After that, bend your new cable into U shape and back into the winch drum slot.

Method: How do you lubricate a winch cable?

No one can use a winch cable forever. Up to a specific time period, it can be useable. After that, you need to leave it in a dustbin and I think it is a good habit to leave the wastage in a dustbin.

If you don’t want to throw it, you can keep it, no one won’t disturb you. But if you want, you can use the winch cable for a long time.

You must think that how you can do it. Yes, you can do it by inspecting and maintaining the winch cable perfectly.

Although the winch cable is lubricated while it is being manufactured. But it is enough for primary storage of the cable not for long time use. So, what do you need? You need to lubricate the winch cable.

If the cable is lubricated properly, then the cable service life will be more than enough.

Firstly, for lubricating the cable, you need a hose with cable-specific lubricant. You can use motion pro lubricant or whatever lubricant you like.

Fill the hose with your preferred lubricant and spray the winch cable. For best result keep it as it is for some time. After that rub the cable and dry it properly.

If your cable has dirty by an attached layer of various contaminants then you have to clean it with steam clean, brush, and petroleum solvent.

The petroleum solvent carries lubricant to the core of the wire rope before it evaporates and helps to lubricate and protect each strand.

Among coating and penetrating lubricants, coating lubricants seal the cable outside and protect it from corrosion.

You can use a different type of grease to lubricate the cable. The penetrate lubrication partially penetrates the cable, but does not fulfill the core.

The grease includes soft semifluid constancy, and there is a little bit chance of coat and penetration if pressure lubricators are used to apply it.

Lithium, Lithium complex, and Aluminum complex, Sodium, soaps can thicken the grease that is used to lubricate the cable. When the grease is thick then it may fulfill the cable core.

However, if the cable has a fiber core center then mineral/petroleum type oil is used to lubricate the cable. It (Fiber Core) is used to absorb the lubricant and also works as a long-time reservoir during services.

Differences: Steel Winch Cable Vs. Synthetic Rope

When it is all about steel winch cable vs Synthetic Rope for winch recovery then there is some controversy among the car enthusiasts.

That’s why it would be hard for anyone to know what will be the best for them?

The popularity of synthetic rope is going to increase day by day over the last few years, but will it be best for your vehicle? Let’s continue to know about it thoroughly.

Steel Cable:

Aircraft-grade steel cable is the industry-standard steel cable that is stronger compared to synthetic rope.

When it comes to using mud, sand, rock, and other abrasive terrains then there is no other better option but the synthetic rope.

In addition, there is a chance of rust on a steel cable and you need gloved hands to manage it. It is suggested by some experts to keep WD-40 or a light coating of chain oil on the line to prevent rust on the steel cable.

The prone to kinks of steel make it tough to spool up on the drum perfectly and also reduces the strength.

Synthetic Rope:

In the mid- ’90s, the synthetic rope comes as an alternative to steel cable. It was basically made for use in the fishing industries and maritime.

The synthetic rope is made of hi-technology polyethylene which is safe and significantly lighter than steel cable and compulsory to use in major off-road events.

This rope does not store more energy than the steel cable, that’s why there is a scant chance of projectile while it will break.

As it is lighter than steel cable, it is good for those types of vehicles that are sensitive to weight. It is also easy to handle than steel cable because of its low weight and highly flexible features.

The steel cable may occur burrs that won’t be happen for synthetic rope, that’s why it is safe to use without gloves. Synthetic rope has a strength of higher breaking compared to steel cable.

Although, it has a higher breaking strength that does not mean that it is unbreakable. If it will break you can repair it with appropriate braiding techniques.

 With numerous advantages, it has some drawbacks also. The sensitivity of chemical abrasion, heat, and UV exposure can weaken the rope.

It comes with a protective sleeve to resist abrasion and a particular protective coating. The other drawback of this rope is it retain water that may add extra weight to the rope.

It is essential to remember that all synthetic rope has not the same feature or characteristics. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: Is it good to lubricate a winch cable?

Ans: A proper lubricate is good for a winch cable. It assists to protect the cable from corrosion and reduce abrasion.

Applying heavy grease can damage the cable by blocking excess grit and that’s why it is not recommended to use heavy grit while lubricating the cable.

Q: Is it good to use grease to lubricate a winch cable?

Ans: It is not good to use heavy grease to lubricate winch cable because it is able to trap extra grit.

As a result, there is a probability of cable damage. It is also recommended not to use engine oil to lubricate for avoiding cable damage.

Q: Is white Lithium grease good for cables?

Ans: White Lithium (WD-40) grease is great for lubricate the cables. Because this grease will serve long-time lubrication with high viscosity technique. It also helps to reduce friction and corrosion.

Q: What is the reason for throttle cable sticking?

Ans: It is caused due to lack of lubrication or worn cables. It can also be caused for the carburetor-related issue. Or if the throttle housing screw is extremely tight.

Q: Does it necessary to lube throttle cable?

Ans: The throttle cable needs periodic lube. It can be 2-3 times every year or less. There is no need to lube your throttle tube itself. You need to just ensure that the bar is clean and the tube which is inside the bar is also clean.

Final Verdict:

During the winter season, ATV with the best cable will assist to handle the snow properly. To get rid of snow it is important to choose the best winch cable for ATV plow.

And I promise this article will help you to choose the perfect cable to overcome the horrible situation in winter. If you need a lightweight and strong cable then 3/16”x50′ Synthetic Winch Cable will be the best fit for you.

If you want to buy waterproof and UV resistant cable with high tensile strength then you can try Azamia 8000 Lbs. Synthetic Winch Line Cable.

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