7 Best Tacoma Led Headlight Bulbs: Expectations vs. Reality – [2023]

Are you looking for the best Tacoma LED headlight bulbs to light your nighttime rides? The best Tacoma LED headlight bulbs will light your way and keep you seen by traffic.

While you replace the bulb inside the headlights, you are ensuring that they will constantly work. As an aftermarket part of your Tacoma truck, it will add an additional benefit to your nighttime traveling.

There are different types of LED lights in today’s market, so finding the perfect one within your budget can be tough? Don’t worry, I have found some great products from reputable sellers that will keep you seen at night while driving and ensure your safety.

Keep reading to get out the best Tacoma LED headlight bulbs to enhance your visibility at night.

Ultimate Reviews: Best Tacoma Led Headlight Bulbs

Are you still reading? I think so, you are. Well, you are at the final step of your desired LED headlight bulbs. So, what for we are waiting. Let’s get the best Tacoma LED headlight bulbs.

1. ACANII (2005-2011) Tacoma Pickup TRD Black Smoked LED Tube Headlights

Toyota Tacoma TRD black smoke lens projector headlight for those cars which are manufactured after May 2005.

Anyone can get a unique look for their car by replacing their factory installation with this projector headlight that comes with a custom factory style.

Not only the looks of this headlight are amazing but also it is very much functional. The only drawback of this headlight is the difficult installation process because of the truck’s complicated design.

If anyone wants to install it on their own then it is recommended to watch a YouTube video before installation.  It is being said that the folks over at Aspire Auto did a great job with this light. It looks amazing on any Tacoma truck.

By adding the custom style this projector headlight increases its visibility and car safety also. Not only that, the headlight is far brighter than any conventional light.


  1. The smoked lens is designed to reduce the light output, making this headlight perfect for off-road use.
  2. They’re direct replacements for the standard factory lights and come with all of the necessary wirings, and mounting hardware is available for both passenger and driver sides.
  3. You’ll get the full illumination and maximum safety you need when your headlights are replaced with this one.
  4. Although it is recommended to go with professional installation it is easy to install.

2. Vipmotoz Toyota Tacoma TRD/Limited Pickup Truck LED DRL Black Modal Quad Projector Headlight

Vipmotoz Limited Pickup LED is a great way to add driver and passenger side entire set (2-Pieces) pair in the box. It is manufactured to be visually striking and enhance the visibility of your cars.

There is no Re-Wiring or Modification to Factory Harness Needed. As it meets all rules and regulations in Canada and USA, it is 100% street legal. This projector headlight is perfect with Factory LED Daytime Running Headlamp Models.

It will also assist the other truck drivers to see your truck explicitly during the daytime. This headlight is crucial for those Tacoma truck owners who are looking to improve the style and look of their vehicles.

The switchback of these LEDs is perfect for parking and turning signals because they have two colors that can be changed independently.

Because of its some exceptional features I am using it for more than years and added this great product to this list. Hopefully, it will make your driving enjoyable, and if you want you can make your driving more enjoyable by listening to your favorite songs in soft sound.


  1. Visual enhancement and eye-catching design.
  2. No rewiring or modification to factory harnesses is needed.
  3. 100% nighttime performance.
  4. Projector headlight that is street legal.
  5. Manufactured to be visually striking.

3. Smoke Lens Black Bezel DRL LED Light Bar Projector Headlights

This is a great opportunity to purchase these headlights for your 2012-2015 Tacoma. They come in a pair, while also being direct o-e factory replacement, which means they’ll fit your vehicle perfectly.

This SMD LED-powered light bar includes a black bezel with a euro smoke lens design and fits both the LH and RH side of the vehicle.

The smooth dark bezel and euro smoke lens give the headlight a professional look, while the DRL LED light bar guarantees that you will be seen on the road.

As this light makes a focused and bright beam, it is easy and enjoyable to drive at night. The SMD LED works to produce this ultra-light, focused, and bright beam.

The direct OE factory replacement projector headedness is precise fitment and will cast a great light show in your journey. For hassle-free driving at nighttime, it is the best one.


  1. Quality product with a great price.
  2. DRL LED light bar provides clear vision in dark situations.
  3. Lenses are made with high-quality materials.
  4. Provides precise fitment for night driving.

4. Autozensation Toyota Tacoma 2012-2015, Black Housing Clear Lens Projector Headlights

This Autozensation Headlight is a quality-building, easy-to-clean light that comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is compatible with Tacoma Truck (2012-2015) and also suitable with several other cars as well, including Prius, Acura NSX, and Lexus LS.

Its vacuum-form molded plastic design is safe for any environment, and it can be adapted to any size. This sleek, black light bar is easy to install and offers sleek, black housing that will look great on any Tacoma 2012-2015.

Additionally, it enhances visibility during bad weather or driving on dark nights. It comes with vacuum form molded plastic that will not be yellow or fade.

Additionally, installation is easy, you need to just plug and play. In addition, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 90-day replacement warranty. So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Tacoma LED light bar is perfect for anyone looking to improve the appearance and performance of their vehicle.
  2. The installation process is easy and offers sleek, black housing that will look great on your vehicle.
  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. Bright, vibrant lighting that will add a great advantage in your driving.

5. Yuanzheng Vland Full LED Projector Headlights Compatible for [Toyota Tacoma 2016-2019] 

If you are searching for a headlight assembly that is both a replacement for your OE lights and also installed in the same way as factory units then this headlight is for you.

The projector LED headlights are designed to provide a perfect replacement for OE lights. Not only that but also it is easy to install. There is no need to take off the headlights of your car because they are made into the headlight assembly.

The headlights will install the same way as factory units which is easy to operate and maintain. This headlight is designed as high-quality as possible and is suitable for your vehicle.

They also have white daytime running light and amber sequential turn signal. In addition, they are also compatible with LED low and high beam lights, making you stronger than usual headlamps.


  1. No need to buy bulbs.
  2. Hermetic sealed to prevent moisture from being trapped inside.
  3. Perfectly placed light for seeing in the dark.
  4. The installation process is quite easy.

6. Morimoto XB Hybrid LED Headlight Fits Toyota Tacoma (2012-2015)

If you recently changed up your car and looking for a lightadium headlight housing that will give you the perfect lighting performance. Look no further than the Morimoto XB Hybrid LED Headlight.

The headlight will make your vehicle more secure, including IP67 waterproofing, which makes it suitable for all weather conditions.

Turn signal and bi-LED headlight are designed to make driving easier and safer at nighttime driving, and it comes with all relevant safety standards.

It has a much brighter and more evenly dispersed light beam compared to traditional halogen headlights to make your truck stylish. It is the perfect addition to your car that comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees amazing build quality.

It will give your car a big edge over the other market cars and will make a vast difference in the looks and performance of your car. So, grab it now for your car.


  1. IP67 waterproofing and dust proofing.
  2. Work as your turn signal and nightlight.
  3. Complies with all relevant safety standards.
  4. Get a more than average amount of LED light.

7.  Auxbeam LED Headlights with Angle Eyes Sealed Beam Replacement (2Pcs Black)

The LED chips of these lights are the best in the market as they have 7pcs*5w and 10w LEDs. It includes a high beam function, a DRL function, and a low beam function. So, it is easy to get better vision during driving.

You will feel confident driving after using these LED headlights. They are also easy and safe to use. The IP67 Waterproof fully prevents dust and water from entering. It is also functional against snow, rain, and foggy weather.

The aluminum alloy body of the headlight means this is sure to last up to 50,000 hours without any water mist, and its ventilation breather ensures not just one, but two sets of airflow.

Plus, it offers a larger heat dissipation so that headlight gets a longer life. It is one of the headlights on my list because of its amazing features.


  1. This is the perfect headlight for sedans, SUVs, and trucks.
  2. It includes 7 X6 Inch LED Headlight and 2PCS H4 to 3 pin adapters.
  3. High beam function, DRL function, and a low beam function.
  4. Get better vision during driving.

Thinks To Consider: Best Tacoma Led Headlight Bulbs

You have to consider the following before purchasing a Tacoma LED Headlight: type of light, magnification, beam angle, and power: Truck Size, Your Budget, your needs, and which style you desire.

Best Tacoma Led Headlight Bulbs

Vehicle Size: There are various types of headlights in today’s market and the headlights are varies from Tacoma generation to generation. For instance: Bumper mounted, Grille mounted, and some come with both of these designs. Every headlight won’t be perfect for your vehicle. So, you need to figure out the one which will be best for your car. Most of the time it is not an easy task to find out, but with this article it is possible.

Consumer (Yours) Needs: Which type of Headlight you need also depends on your needs also. Most of the time, if you drive your truck at night then you need to buy a headlight with maximum brightness and clarity. It provides more brightness than the halogen headlight that why an LED headlight is best for the nighttime driver. If you drive your car during the daytime then you can go with LED which is less clear and bright.

Budget: The are numerous headlights with different prices, some are highly-priced, some with low and some are between high & low. It is necessary for the buyers to consider their budget while wanting to buy headlights for their trucks and buy the best one within this budget.

Truck Style: Truck style is another factor to consider while buying. The style of the tracks varies from truck to truck. Some LED bulbs are sleek and come with a modern look while others are rugged and come with an off-road looking. So, select the best one which will go better with your truck styles.

I hope the above consideration will assist you thoroughly in the time of headlight buying.

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb:

Most of the time, it is easy to change a headlight because light-emitting-diode (LED) and halogen high-intensity-discharge (HID are easy to replace. The headlight is placed by wire clips(thin) or rotating bayonet-style retainers.

In terms of this headlight, it is simple to unplug from wiring, pop out from beyond the headlight housing, and do active bulb swapping. For changing the headlight, you have to check the bulb type first that you require.

To check this, look at the owner’s manual that you get with your headlight during purchasing. If you won’t get any manual but you know the details (modal, year, manufacturer) of your car then you can consult with a professional or any auto parts shop to get the information thoroughly.

How to Extract the Bulb:

It is easy to get access to the headlight bulbs by opening the hood and detaching the lamp connection from the headlight housing back.

Some cars provide some extra service with front-wheel cavity such as rotating panels inwardly or extra space through little hinged. Before changing a headlight, it will be needed the remove numerous washer-fluid bottles, splash shields, and air-cleaner housings which will assist you to get full access to this headlight bulb.

Because of this, it is recommended for the car owners to keep a flashlight, a small socket box, pair of mechanic gloves, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: Is it possible to put LED bulbs into the factory headlights?

Ans: There are many drivers who are frustrated and tired of yellowish, dull light output from halogen headlight bulbs, and because of this, it is frequently asked: ” Is it possible to put LED bulbs into factory headlights?”. The good news is that, yes, it is possible.

Q: Why LED headlight provides dim brightness?

Ans: The LED light chips often get affected due to loose wire or lose LED bulbs which are responsible for your LED light appearing dim, instead of bright.

Q: Which are brighter between HID and LED?

Ans: LED is brighter than HID as the LED has a brightness of 9,000-10,000 lumens which is 1000 lumens brighter than HID (8000 lumens – brightness). So, it is clear that LED is brighter than HID.

Q: Why do people put exes on headlights?

Ans: Due to their swift speeds, they frequently taped an “x” on headlights to stop broken glass shards from spewing over them and their kindred riders.


Tacoma LED headlight bulbs are a great one for any Tacoma owner. Not only do they look amazing, but also, they provide better visibility and safety while driving at night.

If you are looking for a led headlight bulb that will be the best fit for you then take a look at the headlights we have provided in this article. We hope this information will assist you a lot to get your Best Tacoma Led Headlight Bulbs when you will make further purchases.

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