Get the 8 Best Subwoofer for Toyota Tacoma in 2023

Do you miss listening to music when driving your Toyota Tacoma on some tour? Then you are in search of the best subwoofer for Toyota Tacoma.

I have owned a Toyota Tacoma for several years and listening to music is my passion, so I decided to share my music system experience with you here today.

It will help you to pick the best products easily and also learn the technical advantage to ensure in your own Truck.

So, let me guide you through my best-picked products, those I have already used for my Tacoma and received feedback from some Tacoma users. It will be great for you, when you know the best part of the subwoofer and choose the right one.

I will include an experience-based review on the Toyota Tacoma subwoofer box according to the performance for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Then you will get a clear picture. No more delay then, let’s start the detailed discussion.

Review: Best 9 Subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma

A lot of brands in the stores and online may make you confused. But never get disappointed with brand names.

Best Subwoofer for Toyota Tacoma

Here you will find the best 9 subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma, I can assure you that they will perform well and give you the best quality.

1. Harmony Audio HA-R104 Dual 10″ Loaded Sub Box Enclosure

It is quite an amazing Subwoofer box that comes from Harmony Audio that is known for its best build quality.

This Sub box is suitable for Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 models and this 10″ Sub Box Enclosure is also perfect for the Woofer base. It also fits behind the rear seat to give an enhanced sound experience.

Firstly, it comes on a good budget and gives quality sound. If you are curious about the installation, then you have to just remove the back passenger seat and set it without any hassle.

So, buying this subwoofer can be a good DIY project that you can manage yourself. Sometimes, it is complicated and we have to take our truck to the mechanic, but in this case, this Tacoma Subwoofer will not need any extra cost.

2. Alpine S-W12D2 Type S Car Audio Subwoofers

It is another excellent make from American Sound Collection for Tacoma world. Be sure about the compatible model while buying as it will fit with your older Toyota Tacoma trucks that are from 1995 to 2004 models.

You will find this subwoofer system with amazing sound quality and give the best performance. It is also compatible with Toyota Models like – Toyota Tundra, Camry, RAV4, Corolla, and other models.

Take a note before ordering your kit as it is for 1995-2004 models. So, be sure while placing orders as you do not need to return it again. From price, manufacturing, and easy installment, it is a perfect suit for your truck.

3. Kicker Bundle Comp C10 Dual 10″ Sub Box Enclosure & Harmony HA-A800.1 Amp

Harmony audio manufactured this car subwoofer and is one of the best subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma. It is suitable for the Tacoma models for 2005 later models, so keep that in mind properly.

It is compatible with the Truck power outputs and will give you the desired result. It is a complete kit that will give you a complete solution.

As usual, this subwoofer comes in a 10″ size and fits perfectly in your truck. Your Tacoma will give you an amazing music experience that you can enjoy while driving or camping

Similarly, like other products, you can use this on other Toyota vehicles. When you pick the right product, you will not have any kind of trouble for the next few years.

4. Harmony Audio Bundle Toyota Tacoma HA-R104 Dual 10″ Loaded Sub Box

I do not need to explain separately that subwoofer boxes from Harmony come with excellent quality and output.

This is another complete kit that comes with the frame, device, wiring, and all other accessories that will upgrade your audio system in Toyota Tacoma. Why do not you get a complete kit, to minimize your hassle?

The best feature of this kit is, it comes with the complete solution that is perfect for your double cab truck.

It is a 10″ Sub Box that is perfect for the rear designed box and you will be really happy that you do not need to buy a single piece of wire for it. Being one of the best subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma, you can rely on it.

5. Alpine Bundle Type S S-W10D2 Dual 10″ Sub Box & 4GA Amp Kit

Harmony Audio has several products that match Toyota trucks to get an advanced music listening experience. It is perfect for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab trucks that came after 2005 and later.

The amazing thing about this kit, it comes with the Subwoofer enclosure, necessary device, and cabling that you need to improve your music experience.

Be sure about its compatibility with your attached music system and the model is very much suitable for Toyota vehicles.

While using, I have experienced that the installation is not complicated, as a kit it becomes very helpful. On the other hand, you will save some money with this worthy kit and have a good experience in music listening.

6. Kicker Bundle Comp C10 Dual 10″ (Rhino Coated) Sub Box Enclosure & Harmony HA-A800.1 Amp

Compared to similar Harmony Subwoofer boxes, it is another model that will fit your Toyota Tacoma perfectly. And you will not need any expert assistance to install it on your truck.

You can just remove the rear seat and set up the whole system with the help of some bolts. On the other hand, Subwoofers from Harmony come with a good user experience and feedback that tells it can be a good pick for your truck.

If we talk about the price, it is quite reasonable and the sound quality is advanced. You can enjoy driving to a destination or camping beside a lake. Just get one that you like and have a heavenly experience.

7. American Sound Collection Alpine SWT-10S4 Car Audio Subwoofers

This subwoofer is amazing for your Tacoma car stereo/audio. This is compatible with your Tacoma Truck from the models of 2005-2015.

As it is a complete package and really easy to install that you will not feel any hassle with it. It is also a subwoofer complete kit where you will find the box to adapter everything ready for installation.

On the other hand, compatibility is one step ahead function of this kit. It suits not only Toyota Tacoma, but also other models like Toyota 4Runner, Camry, Avalon, Corolla, C-HR, Prius, Highlander, and other similar models.

You will find it very easy to set up and give you a melodious experience with your music system.

Subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma

Now I will enlighten the difference between the subwoofers used for Toyota Tacoma double cab and single cab trucks. Here the basic difference and other issues will be discussed for your better understanding.

Subwoofers for Double Cab: The design and some structural changes are there in the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab and Single Cab trucks.

At first, the price of a subwoofer for double cab cabins was higher. You need to match the Amp of the kit with your music system that will fit it properly.

From the view of music experience, the Double Cab subwoofers will give better sound and a surrounding feature for more space in the Cab.

When I installed the subwoofer in my Double cab truck it took around 12-14 days and yes, I had enough space to play with it.

Subwoofers for Single Cab: On the contrary, when you go for a Single cab subwoofer, you will find it cheap and save money. You also can set it by yourself, but it may take a few days for complete installation.

Similarly, the music system might be too loud for less space in the single cab truck. So, you can check the tuning here for the best results. You should check with the seller, which one is perfect for your single cab or double cab truck.

Things to consider before buying a Subwoofer for Toyota Tacoma

You might become confused with a lot of brands with different features but picking the right one will save you time, money and achieve more. So, I will say what things you need to see.


As a subwoofer, you need to see how good the bass is. Not only loud noise will do the job, but you also need to have it with a good response to the music that will touch your heart.


Product make is important, you are not going to change it every year. So, go for a better and reputed built product that will last for years. At least you can enjoy it for 4-5 years without any hassle.


Subwoofers with slim and sleek designs are better, never go for something that takes more space, it will not help when you go for the installation.


You might love to go for a win-win situation with a good price and better performance. User feedback and top pick products will help you a lot.

The following enclosure is recommended by most subwoofers users. Try it with your subwoofers without any hesitate.

1. SoundBox Tacoma Dual 12″ Frontfire Subwoofer Enclosure

The subwoofer enclosure is a think that you have to buy for your subwoofer exect fit . It is a perfect match for the Tacoma 2005-2020 models.

The size of this subwoofers enclosure is 12″ for Double cab and comes in a common 11″ cutout. It is easy to install, you can fit it by yourself. With the easy installation the budget is also within range.

The mounting depth of this enclosure 4.5 inch, the dimension is 18-5/8″ H x 48-1/4″ L x 1-1/4″ and weight is lbs.

While you will fit the subwoofer behind the rear seat, you need to remove the wall cover and plastic storage. Then you will find the perfect spot to set up the sound system.

Just keep in mind that you need to make some holes to adjust it with the Truck. For the rest of the process, you can finish smoothly and you can enjoy good sound.

2. Kicker Bundle 43C104 Comp C10 Dual 10″ Loaded Sub Box

If you own a Toyota Tacoma 2005-2012 model truck, then this subwoofer will perfectly suit your sound system. It will give you an improved sound feature in your cabin, and you can enjoy that alone and with your family.

You just have to check the amp adjustment while installing this sub box, if it is done perfectly it will give you awesome results.

The problem we face while choosing a Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer box is to match the model with the product, so be always careful about it before placing your order.

It is completely budget-friendly and easy to install. For better adjustment, you can check the wiring and bolts so that those do not mess up and take your time again.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: What is the best sub for a truck?

Ans: From the view of quality, make and price, you can go for the Harmony HA-R104 Subwoofer, which will give you the best performance.

Q: Is it better to have 1 or 2 subwoofers?

Ans: It fully depends on the size of subwoofers, if the size is small and you have enough space, you can easily go for 2 subwoofers.

Q: What is the frequency response for these subwoofers?

Ans: Generally, these subwoofers are 150 watt – 250 watt and the frequency responses are from 35 – 150 Hz to 35-200 Hz.

Q: What are the absolute most features for a sub for single cab trucks?

Ans: You should go for a sleek design, higher watt, and affordable subwoofer. Then you will get the best results.

Q: Can I install a subwoofer by myself?

Ans: It is not a tough job, you might need some time. But it is not necessary to go to an expert to get this done.

In Conclusion:

It is always a hassle to find the right product from several options. But I hope you now have the best pick products and the guide to have proper knowledge on Best Subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma, which will help to make your choice.

So, do not delay anymore and get your subwoofer for an enjoyable ride and melodious music. Keep it up!