Proven Methods of How to get Pandora on My Car Radio [2023]

When it’s about classifying individual songs, then Pandora is just awesome. If anyone wants to make an individual station, offline listening, skip tracks, and more, then this will help you.

As for its beautiful features, there were 55.14 million active users monthly starting in June 2021. That’s huge. So, it is a necessity for your car radio if you want these awesome features.

Now, there is a question for you: how do you get Pandora on car radio? Don’t worry, there is a way to get it. You need to just keep reading to know the absolute solution.

This article discusses it thoroughly. Before going to the final discussion, let’s have a look at the definition of what Pandora is.

What is Pandora?

Firstly, it’s a music delivery platform with a subscription. Pandora will assist you in creating your own stations by selecting your preferred songs, artists, and genres. After that, you can listen to your selected song. It can be novelty songs, ballads, rock, anthems, or soul songs.

If you are a rock song lover, then create a station with your favorite rock songs. Then listen to your song however and whenever you want. There is an option to skip the song that you won’t like. It allows skipping a maximum of six songs.

Pandora’s web, mobile app, and other connected devices provide a highly personalized experience of listening for about 70 million people around the world every month. It also connects the users with their preferable audio entertainment.

Is Pandora free in your car ?

Pandora has both free and premium services. If you are a free user, then you will get the basic features with limitations.

When you use the accessible version of Pandora in your car, you will have access to all the same stations and music that you would on any other device. But you may have to listen to ads between songs, which detract from your listening experience.

Also, you won’t be able to skip as many songs as you want, and the number of times you can skip songs per hour may be limited. With free services, there is less chance of quality streaming music.

When it is a premium service with a subscription fee, such as Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, then you will get all the advanced features with high-quality streaming music. In addition, you can listen to music without interruptions in your car.

There is an offline channel facility and music download option with premium service. Remember that a paid subscription is not required to use Pandora in your car.

How to get Pandora on car radio ?

You can directly control Pandora with nearly 200 models of dash. If you do not have one of these 200 models, then it is still possible to listen to Pandora by connecting your phone with Bluetooth. Let’s see the methods of Pandora connection in your car. You connect your Pandora with your car to listen to your favorite song by –

How to get Pandora on My Car Radio
  1. Download the Pandora app and then start in the car
  2. Connect by Bluetooth on Android/IPhone
  3. By disabling notification of auto launch on Android phone
  4. Use Waze with Pandora

1. Download the Pandora App and get started:

It is easy to listen to Pandora in your car. First, you need to confirm that you have the Pandora app on your phone. If not, then go to the Google Play Store or app store and download it.

Even if you don’t have the Play/App store, then make a Google account and own a Google Play Store or App Store. After that, you have to connect the phone with the car audio system.

If it is Android phone, then connect the mobile using Bluetooth. If it is an IOS, then connect it with a USB cable to the USB port of the car stereo/radio. You will get the connection details in the car’s manual. Check it. Now, it’s time to open the app on your mobile phone to recognize it by the car audio system.

For the Apple iPhone, make sure that the app (Pandora) is open in the background. After the phone is connected to the audio system, you can control it from the car audio system dashboard. Now you are able to change your station to your preferred one.

2. Connect by Bluetooth on Android or iPhone:

There is a common question among car owners that how to connect Pandora to car Bluetooth? Actually, it is not very difficult task, and you can listen to Pandora music even when using Bluetooth on your mobile device.

Firstly, you need to start the car audio system, which will automatically take you to a radio station. There will be a phone option with some other options. Simply, you need to click the phone option.

After clicking, there will be a pop-up message with the message “would you like to pair your phone/device?”. It’s time to get back on your phone and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. After a while of Bluetooth on, you see a Bluetooth pairing request.

Click the pair button on the message that pops up and click the accept button on your car audio device. If the pair is successful, you will see your mobile name on the car audio device.

Press the OK button and after some time, you will see the “Phone is ready to use” message. Go to the media option on the car audio system and select your preferred song from the phone and enjoy.

3. By disabling notification of auto launch on Android

The Pandora app will notify you with a notification whether it is ready to connect with your car or not. So, you will get a notification from the app.

And if you don’t want this notification (Pandora is ready to connect or not with your car) then you need to just disable the auto lunch notification. To do this first, you need to open the Pandora app and go to the profile tab.

After that, click the top right corner settings gear and select the advanced option. Under the Advanced option, you will see the Bluetooth for devices option. You will get a Launch for Car option under the Bluetooth for Devices option.

Simply uncheck the “Launch for Car” option. When you uncheck this option, you just need to launch the app(Pandora) on your smartphone using Bluetooth for Android phones or a USB cable if the phone is Apple iPhone.

4. Use Waze with Pandora:

Pandora listeners can listen to Pandora with their favorite tunes while driving by installing the Waze app on their mobile phones. So, how do you get Pandora on your Waze app? To get Pandora, follow the following steps.

  1. Install the Waze app on your mobile device.
  2. Open your waze app.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon and select the settings option. Under the settings, there is an audio player option. Tap on the audio player option and toggle “Show audio player”.
  4. Under “Installed Apps”, find your Pandora app. If you don’t see the Pandora under “Installed Apps”, then you need to go to the “More Apps” option and select Pandora.
  5. Finally, to activate your Pandora account, you need to follow the prompts of the Waze app.

By following the above steps, you can get Pandora on your car radio easily. Get Pandora on your car radio and enjoy your daily driving.

How to get android auto on the car screen?

If your car is an Android auto-supported car, then you can use this feature. Fortunately, there is a unit made by Kenwood and Pioneer (third-party stereo makers) which is compatible with both systems. So, you can install it on your car.

To get it on your car screen, first, you have to unlock your phone’s screen. After that, connect the phone and the car audio system with a USB cable.

If your phone requires any update for a specific app like Google Maps, then it is good to update as soon as possible. Review the Android auto-permissions to access your phone. Lastly, turn on notifications to get it.

How do you stop Pandora from playing automatically?

Sometimes it happens that Pandora starts automatically. So, the question is how to stop Pandora from playing automatically.

To stop Pandora Autoplay for a specific playlist, you have to open the specific playlist of your station and scroll down to the last song. After that, it’s high time to switch off the autoplay toggle button.

To stop Pandora Autoplay for all playlists, open the Pandora app and tap the “Profile” option. Find the settings gear and click on it. Now click the advanced option and switch off your toggle button.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: Why is the Waze banner on the Pandora app?

Ans: When you want to control the app(Pandora) from the Waze app you see the Waze banner there. The Waze banner will assist you in keeping track of Pandora. And that’s the reason for the Waze banner on the Pandora app. If you don’t want the banner, simply click on the “X” button to dismiss it.

Q: How can I troubleshoot Pandora and Waze if I need to?

Ans: You won’t do anything by yourself if you face any trouble. You have to contact the support team to solve the issue. They will solve your problem if it is on their side.

Q: What are the specifications for listening to Pandora on IOS?

Ans: Your IOS version needs to be older than IOS 13 to listen to Pandora. If the version is less than that, you will need to upgrade IOS next.

Q: How many listeners does pandora premium allow at a time?

Ans: If it’s Pandora’s premium family plan, then it allows up to 6 people to stream music at a time. The premium family plan members need different accounts to listen to music from different devices at a time.

Q: how will get better pandora sound quality?

Ans: For getting a better Pandora sound quality first, need to open the app and click the top left corner “Hamburger menu”. Go to “Settings” and choose the “Advanced” option. Under the “Advanced” option, check the “Higher quality audio” checkbox. After that, you will get a better sound quality.

Final Words:

When you want to classify songs, create an individual station, or listen offline, then Pandora will help you greatly.

As I said, you will get Pandora on your car radio by downloading the Pandora app, connecting with Bluetooth on your mobile device, and using the Waze app with Pandora.

If you are a music lover and love to hear your favorite singer’s songs, then what are you waiting for? Make a station with your favorite songs and enjoy.