Why does my car radio volume go up and down? – [2023]

In the time of traveling, entertainment is important to relieve anyone from tiredness. Listening to your favorite music can be the best entertainment to get rid of fatigue. So, what have you needed to do for listening to music?

You need a good soundbox that will greatly assist you with uninterrupted listening. It will be disappointing instead of enjoying to you when car radio volume goes up and down.

So, for a great journey, you have to know the reason and try to solve this kind of terrible problem as soon as you can.

I think you are here because of this and undoubtedly you are at the exact place. We are going to describe to you the exact reason and its possible solution. So, keep reading to get the best solution.

The possible situation when car radio volume goes up and down:

It is very much annoying for a car driver when the radio volume goes up and down during listening radio without any change/input from the driver. So, to relieve from this awful problem at first you have to sort out the situation when it happens. The most possible situations are –

  1. It happens during car driving.
  2. In the time of listening radio, most of the time it happens.
  3. If there is no “Volume Knob” for the car radio volume.

When you are driving the car, it is in motion that may occur the problem. Another possible situation is, in time of listening radio but not DVD or CD player. It can also happen while the “Volume Knob” for the radio volume is absent.

Why does my car radio volume go up and down?

It is not easy to find out the exact reason for radio volume up and down because it can happen for numerous problems. To solve this problem, first you have to find out is there any problem with car audio or not.

It causes if the fuse is damaged. Sometimes the problem is for a radio antenna that is unable to get the proper signal. If this problem arises in the time of driving then the maximum probability of this common problem is your radio antenna.

The problem is also happening because of the damaged battery which is not working at all. So, what is the final solution?

Final Solution:

The common temporary solution to this volume fluctuation(High and Low Volume) problem is putting the electrical tape over the connection of the cable. Another popular solution is buying some isolators and installing them within the chassis and the car body to solve the cable movement changing problems.

Although, Isolators reduce the speaker cable movement they don’t solve it completely. It works perfectly to keep the speaker cables in their original position.

If there is no amplifier on your car radio, then the possible reason for this problem is the head unit. Most of the time it will decrease the volume when the car is stopped and increase the volume while driving. Check it properly and replace it with a new one.

Why does my car radio volume go up and down

Sometimes radio volume problems arise for the radio button also, so it is significant to have a look at the radio button.

Probably the problem is with your radio if you don’t find any solution that’s described above and most of the time it is the only reason which is responsible for radio volume up and down. Every radio has a volume indicator such as a bar graph or number that is changing with volume.

If the bar graph or number won’t change with volume then the problem is not the main amplifier. It may be for radios built-in amplifier.  So whatever the problem is you have to change the radio if the problem is with the radio.

Why does my car stereo cut out at high volume?

Many music lovers want to listen to music at a high volume. And it is very much annoying if the car stereo is cut off during listening. It happens for various reasons such as amplifier problems and sometimes because of crossover settings problems.

If your car radio is not designed for high volume then surely it is unable for high volume control and the problem will arise. So, is there no way to solve it? Don’t worry, there is some way that we are going to know you.

What is the solutions:

Although there is numerous solution to this problem, the possible solution to get the best result is

  1. Grounding wire check.
  2. Amplifier check.
  3. Check the heat and power.
  4. Include a power capacitor.
  5. Install another battery.

1. Grounding wire check:  Due to Amplifier operating on a circuit like other electrical devices electricity transits to the amplifier from the battery. When your car stereo volume rises then the amplifier needs more current than prior and it gets that sufficient current if the wire is properly grounded.

Otherwise, it creates amplifier problems if the grounding wire connection is loose. The loose ground wire may restrict the current flows and when you increase the radio volume then it can be unable to give sufficient current for the amplifier.

So, at first, you have to check the grounding wire to solve the car stereo cut out at high volume problem.

2. Amplifier check: The latest car amplifier comes with a protection circuit feature that stops the amplifier if it crosses the limit. When the stereo is cut out at high volume it seems something is happening with the car amplifier circuit.

3. Check the Heat and Power: Due to most car audio and subwoofer installers mounting the amplifiers in the trunk, it will be hot even before you turn on your stereo. Basically, it happens due to a lack of ventilation.

And if you listen to your favorite song loudly then there is a high chance of cutting out. So, if your car speakers cut off during a hot summer day then you have to check the amplifier is it getting enough ventilation.

Also, when the speaker demand more power than the car electrical system provides this is responsible for the car stereo cut out at high volume.

4. Include a power capacitor: Include a power capacitor is a good solution to include a capacitor because it holds an electrical charge and releases the charge if needed.

It will cost less than a second battery and installation is easier than installing a new battery. The capacitors work best in times of dealing with occasional peaks and allow your amplifier to turn the volume up.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: How to reset my car radio when I need it?

Ans: To reset your car radio at first, you have to turn on your ignition and also your radio. After that observe if it displays LOC or CODE. If it displays then turn off the radio, press and hold down the audio power button all together with SEEK button for 1 hour, and you have completed your job.

Q: How much cost of reprogramming a car radio?

Ans: It depends on what’s wrong with the car radio and whether it is a fancy infotainment unit or basic radio. The range of the cost can be from $10 to $1000.

Q: Is it possible to put a new radio in an old car?

Ans: Sometimes, It is possible to put a new radio in an old car because most of the car radio will fit with any type of car. Make sure you measure the current stereo size before buying a new one. If your stereo is single-din but there is an opportunity to replace it with the double-din head unit.

Q: What is the best volume range for listening to audio?

Ans: Best volume range for listening audio 60 to 85 DB. because it will decrease your ear damage. If you are used to listening loudly and if it is 100 decibels then it is suggested to listen to music for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Interrupting a music lover’s favorite song in time of traveling because of car radio volume go up and down is very annoying, and every car lover dislikes this.

This problem can happen in any situation for various kinds of reasons and you already know about it. So, as you know the reason and also the solution of it you are now able to solve the problem easily.