Top 6 Best Winch for Enclosed Car Trailer [Bayers Guide and Reviews-2023]

A winch is an important tool for getting the car out of the mud. It is really difficult to find out the best winch for enclosed car trailer from a huge number of winches sold in the market.

No matter how expensive the winch you buy, if it is not suitable then, I would say it is useless and wasteful.

Choosing the most suitable winch for your enclosed car trailer is really important and you can do it if you try.

This article is all about the best-enclosed car trailer winches that will assist you to get the best winches for your car. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the journey to figure out the best-enclosed car trailer winches.

Actually, what is a hauler winch/ car trailer ?

A hauler winch or car trailer is something that will allow you to uplift as well as pull your dead vehicle from heavy mud. It comes with a hook that remain connected to the cable and the motor too.

Generally, the weight of any vehicle is too heavy and that is why a trailer winch needs to heavy duty to pull your vehicle. You will need to link your winch with the vehicle bumper to haul your vehicle.

In addition, the cables hook used to hold the another car that you want to tow properly. Finally, an accurate winch motor for your vehicle used to release your vehicle from a weighty object.

Best winch for enclosed car trailer:

Enclosed car trailers are used to transport your cars efficiently and safely. If vehicles are transported in this manner, they can be kept safe from dust, grime, and dirt. Another advantage of a closed trailer is that it has small drawers and cabinets for storing smaller items.

Best Winch for Enclosed Car Trailer

Moreover, if you are running a business, you can use the enclosed trailer to display the business logo or URL as an advertisement for your business.

1. Champion power equipment -100428 synthetic rope winch

Champion power equipment winch has all the necessary things to start winching. This high-flexible hi-tech polyethylene-made winch has a lightweight synthetic rope to prevent kinking.

Synthetic rope saves less kinetic energy which cannot use too much energy to recover like steel. If it breaks, it can be repaired on the field and since it is found on a steel rope, it is less likely to be injured.

Three-tiered planetary gear and remote control (handlebar-mounted) have great control over the winch during winching.

The winch kit of this winch is the tool you need to deal with any situation. It has a 2 years warranty with free technical support for a lifetime is an advantage that will put it ahead of the other winch.


Warranty of 2 years: There is a 2-years warranty on this winch with technical support for a lifetime (free). So, this is a reliable winch that will be your lifetime solution for winch. You can use it without any doubt to get the best result.

Efficient line speed: If there is a full load, the line speed will be 3.3 feet per minute and if there is no load, the speed will be 9.8 feet per minute. The included remote controls the winch while winching.

Less recession than steel: House Fairlead creates a smooth tension with a flexible and strong synthetic rope that is splinter-free, lightweight, and comparatively less corrosive than steel.


  • Dimension of Product: 15.6 x 12.8 x 7.1 inches
  • Manufacturer: Champion Power Equipment
  • Product Weight: 18.3 lbs.
  • Cover Included: Winch
1. Install the winch is simple, easy, and straightforward.
2. Outstanding technical support with two years of warranty.
3. The winch has an efficient line speed and it is less erosive than steel.
4. The wire is longer and easier to connect.
1. It is a little bit challenging to deal with all the wires during doing the electrical connection.
2. Somewhat difficult to press the remote button.

2. WARN(96800 VR8) 12V Electric Winch with Steel Cable

WARN 12V Electric Winch is strong and reliable which has the potential to be used for many years. The control pack (Convertible) of this winch allows an upright mounting structure.

It has an Albright contractor (Waterproof) to control the winch perfectly and reliably. It can be a winch that you can rely on to tackle everything wherever you go.

To increase the power, this winch has a one-piece tie plate which increases the power by replacing the single tie bar with a multiple tie bar.

There is VR8 to provide no-load line speed which makes the winch outstanding. The ropes of this winch are made of steel and the motor is very effective and consolidated.


The control pack is individual: There is a control pack in the winch and this control pack is differ on the basis of different mounting options.

The durability of the gear train: It has a three-stage planetary gear train that is reliable and durable. Moreover, for quick speed and sufficient power, this winch has a series-wound motor.

Ability to control the higher winching: The winch has the ability to control the higher winching because of its individual break design.


  • Dimension of Product: 25 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Manufacturer: Warn
  • Product Weight: 65.2 lbs.
  • Exterior: Painted
  • Cover Included: Winch
1. It is easy and simple to fit up the winch.
2. All parts are durable and the overall winch performance is awesome.
3. Perfectly match the holes of the bolt.
4. The winch design is stable and strong.
5. It has a long time warranty.
1. Prolonged use is likely to cause rust.
It is a little bit pricey.

3. ZEAK 5500 lb. off Road Automatic Powersports Electric Winch

If you are looking for a winch for an off-road journey then this winch is an ideal winch for you. And it has a synthetic rope for enclosed car trailers, pulling, trucks and SUVs.

Solid 1/4 “x50” engineered rope of this waterproof electric winch (The winch is made by Driving Assembling Innovation) is reliable strength in any situation.

It has a permanent magnet engine of 1.1 HP and 12V DC to run a consistent, stable power. There are reliable brakes to protect the rope from sliding during stacking.

Moreover, this winch includes dynamic brakes, climate stable solenoid, corded remote control, steel rope, gear train, and electric switch guarantee. If anyone wants to get a powerful, affordable winch with the best durability then there is no alternative to it.


Reliable planetary gear train (3 stages): It has reliable dynamic brakes (hold the load) and planetary gear trains (3-stage) to reduce the chances of the wire rope slipping during a power failure.

Durability: To ensure reliable and safe power in all situations there is a 50 ‘x 5/16’ ‘steel wire rope which is galvanized and durable.

Included kit with this winch: The winch includes mounting bracket, protected circuit breaker, steel rope, a remote control (corded), sealed solenoid for weather shield, and the 5500 pounds wins.

Has a permanent magnet for permanent connection: It has a 1.6 HP 12 volt DC fast cooling permanent magnet motor for setup a permanent connection with the vehicle motor.


  • Dimension of Product: 20.4 x 13 x 7.3 inches.
  • Manufacturer: ZEAK INC.
  • Product Weight: 35.9 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
1. Installation is fairly easy.
2. Everything is included in the winch at an affordable price except the cover.
3. It has a fast cooling stable magnet motor for setup a stable vehicle motor connection.
1. Prolonged use can cause rust.

4. Superwinch 12V 4000SR Portable Winch

The Superwinch 12V 4000SR Portable Winch is a self-recovery entire-inclusive electric winch kit that includes shackles for secure pulling and synthetic cables.

It is an entire winching solution in a compatible kit that has a 4000-pound rope to pull heavy objects. In addition, the 16,000-pound pulley block assists the winch to pull up to 8,000 pounds.

This Superwinch12V 4000SR portable winch is easy to use, repack, and store. The winch tools can be easily stored as they are packed inside a secure case. Moreover, the winch does not require any installation or winch mounting.

It is one of the most effective winch kits that has all the useful features to make it extremely useful.


Synthetic rope winch (4000 pounds): It has a 4,000-pound synthetic rope winch inside a strong toolbox for portable use. This strong toolbox makes it easy to carry and store.

Battery Power Source access is easy: Superwinch12V 4000SR Portable Winch has a swift connection between alligator chips and cord. This swift connection makes it easy to access the trailer battery power source.

Has a twelve-foot long hand remote: It has a hand remote that’s 12 feet long. It also includes 16,000 pounds pulley block, 3 D-shackles of 16000 pounds, and a 10-foot long quick-connect power cord.


  • Dimension of Product: 20.14 x 12 x 7.56 inches
  • Manufacturer: Superwinch
  • Product Weight: 41 pounds
  • Country of Origin: China
1. Fairly arrange everything in a toolbox that stays safe even when not in use.
2. It is easy to handle synthetic rope.
3. The carrying/ load capacity is really awesome.
1. It is a little bit expensive winch.
2. The control cable is a little bit short.

5. 12500lbs 12V Electric Recovery Winch Car – Wireless Remote Control

For practical use and outstanding quality, this winch is a reliable winch that is recommended by most users.

Made with high-grade stainless steel, this electric winch host is reliable and great to use. This winch does not break easily which would be convenient for you to use. The free spooling clutch pulls the wire rope without using any kind of electrical power.

It has three stages of the planetary gear train to provide strong horsepower. However, it has various kinds of remote control such as corded and cordless remote control with the function of power out and power in.


Offers strong horsepower: Planetary Gear Train (3 stages) assists to provide powerful horsepower. There is also fairlead (four-stage) to manage the rope to the drum equally.

Has a controller to control power functions: To manage the power out and power in functions the winch has a cordless controller with a 12ft cable switch and 98ft remote switch. 

Automatic braking system: The wire rope has an automatic braking system to lock and pull off the rope. The wire rope has an automatic braking system to lock and pull off the rope. You need to release the switch button to stop the pull.


  • Dimension of Product: 21.3 x 8.6 x 6.3 inches
  • Manufacturer: Roadstar
  • Product Weight: 87.7 lbs.
  • Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
  • Color: Black & Dark Gray
1. It is reliable because it is made of iron and stainless steel.
2. The winch has a powerful cordless controller to control the power functions.
3. 3 stage Planetary Gear Train to serve powerful horsepower.
4. Roller fairlead (four-way) to lead the rope.
1. The remote of this winch has an issue.

6. Smittybilt X2O COMP Synthetic Rope Winch – Waterproof Winch

This winch has everything you need for durability and enhanced performance. The winch can be mounted in one place depending on your needs as it has the versatility of 500AMP solenoid which is completely waterproof.

Each winch consists of a combination of oversized aluminum cross bars, stainless steel hardware, and a four-way roller fairlead. The X-20 series wireless remote has done the job of unplugging for trouble-free wireless operation.

The Smittybilt X2O waterproof winch is a reliable winch to deal with any situation at any time. The braking feature decreases the temperature of the drum by 66% to make the winch perfectly suitable for operating all kinds of synthetic ropes.

Moreover, this winch has a mechanical warranty for a lifetime and an electrical warranty for 5 years.


Winch includes: Winch includes power cables to hook up, wireless remote, rope sleeve, and hawse fairlead. The advantage of this winch is it can be controlled manually or by remote.

Versatile mounting options: There is a versatile option for winch mounting. Moreover, there is a large clutch to perfectly control the winch during gloved operation.

Inductive braking method to reduce heat: Heat reduction is important for long-lasting performance which reduces by the inductive braking system. The inductive braking method decreases the 66% temperature and makes it suitable to appropriately perform with all kinds of synthetic rope.


  • Dimension of Product: 22.3 x 5.4 x 9.4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Smittybilt
  • Product Weight: 63 lbs.
  • Folding: No folding
  • Voltage: 12 volts
1. The installation process is very easy.
2. The wireless remote has a soft texture of rubber so that it feels good in the hand.
3. The speed and looks of this winch are great.
4. Winch with 5 years of electrical warranty.
5. It has a lifetime warranty for any mechanical problem.
1. The line hook of this winch cannot be removed.
2. This winch should always work as it is waterproof but does not work very often when it is submerged in water.

How to install winch in enclosed car trailer?

The winches are usually mounted at the end of the trailer or the backside of the vehicle. Since the winches are disconnected from the initial vehicle that’s why there are separate battery connections are provided to keep the winch running.

Let’s see the winch installation method for the enclosed car trailer.

Method-1: You can install the winch by placing the winch 6 inches above from the floor of a room. A bracket can be used on the floor of the room for the convenience of work. In this way, you can install the winch outside the car trailer.

Method-2: You can install the winch on the tongue of a trailer and then attach it to the trailer frame.

When your enclosed car trailer winch is not in the center you can use a pulley block with D-ring that’s linked to the center for the pulling application.

Method-3: Chop the floor according to the size of the winch and keep the winch inside and tighten it with a bolt. And append it to the fairlead holder. By using this method, you can attach the winch to a car trailer with a ready-made winch mount.

Factors: You need to consider before purchasing a winch for your enclosed car trailer

If you want to get a winch, that will be best for your enclosed car trailer based on your requirements, then consider those factors that described below.

1. Size of your winch:

There are lots of various winch on today’s market and all the winches have their different features. You need to buy a winch based on your car size, and it is obvious that a lightweight SUV needs a small winch compared to vehicle with bigger sizes.

That is why it is crucial to consider the winch size during purchase of the winch.

2. Purpose of buying

The purpose of buying is another vital thing that you need to consider. On today’s shop, the winch is different based on their features as well as their uses.

For example, if you want to remove your vehicle from deep mud than there are some particular winches with particular sizes those may work better than the others.

3. Type of the rope

It is obvious to consider rope types between steel cable and synthetic rope. Nowadays, synthetic ropes are widely used one as it enough strong and lightweight as well. Generally, it comes with the electric winch and save the cost of rising frequency in a reasonable load capacity. If it’s all about steel cable, then I have to say that it is quite old and easy to maintain. Although it is old but still now it is durable enough with a cheaper price.

4. Winch Type

Basically, there are two types of winches, and they are Electric winch and Hydraulic winch. Electric winch does not have a built-in power source, and that is because it needs to connect with the vehicle or truck batteries. It will be a great winch for small to mid-sized cars, and it is chipper as well.

On the contrary, the Hydraulic winch has the high load carrying capability, and they are enough durable and versatile to haul out heavy-duty vehicles. It is a little bit pricey compared to electric winches.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: How much winch capacity is required to pull a car in a trailer?

Ans:  It is recommended that the line pull capacity of the winch be at least 50% higher than the Gross Vehicle Weight. Trucks and SUVs will need a 6,000 pounds capacity winch.

Q: What is the maximum pulling capacity of a 3000-pound winch?

Ans: The higher the capacity of the winch, the easier your task will be. A 3000-pound winch can pull up to 2,000 pounds in 30% incline.

Q: How much strong should the car winch be?

Ans: How strong your winch should depend on how heavy your car is. The winch must have the ability to pull at least one and a half times the gross vehicle weight of your car.

Q: How to choose the perfect size of the winch?

Ans: The general rule for choosing the perfect size of winch is to double the weight of your car. So, the winch will also vary depending on the size of your car.

Q: How heavy are the warn winches?

Ans: Warn winch is one of the best winches for pulling your vehicle. The weight of the warn winches is 136 pounds with steel roller fairlead and steel cable (125 ft. of 3/8″).

Final Verdict:

You should never buy something that doesn’t meet your needs whether it’s a winch or something else. It is a wastage if the winch has less load capacity than you need, and if the winch does not fit your car then it is also wastage. So, you need to be careful while you buy a winch for your car trailer.

This article has figured out the best winch for an enclosed car trailer after a long time of research. The main purpose of this research is to assist you to get the best winch for your car. I think this article must assist you to get the best one.

Did you use any winch before for your enclosed car trailer? If used, then what it was?