Top 10 Best Tacoma Mods 3rd Gen in 2023

It is really an adventurous experience to drive a Toyota Tacoma, and you enjoy that one, right? if you are looking for the Best Tacoma mods 3rd gen, then you have reached me the right place.

Finding suitable mods of Tacoma is a little bit complicated to dealers, if you can choose it online, you will have no hassle. So, I will share some of my used and favorite mods with you today. I hope you will love them.

Generally, we go to dealers and find available mods, in some cases we search for mods and have to take a lot of hassle. It is complicated but you also can find them online, too.

I am a regular Tacoma 3rd gen user and will give you the guidelines to choose your mods then. No more delay then, let’s start the detailed discussion. I will help you to choose the best Tacoma interior and exterior mods 3rd gen within your budget.

Best 10 Tacoma mods 3rd Gen

I have compiled the most needed mods for your Tacoma, those I have personally used and get good feedback. I hope you get the real juice from it. So, here I have listed the best 10 Tacoma mods 3rd gen and also that will make your Tacoma look awesome.

1. MaxTrac 836225 Suspension Strut Spacer Leveling Kit

It is a mod that keeps your truck running with better comfort. It is a suspension leveling kit that helps to keep your suspension leveled with your wheels.

Suspension is a must have part that will help you to have a shake-free journey. If you use this kit, then you will have the suspension working smooth and you will not feel any bumps.

It is an excellent mod that I have installed in my Tacoma, just be sure you are using this specific model as it suits 3rd gen trucks.

It will give both comfort, better safety and long term service for your suspension. So, it will be the right decision to install one in yours.

2. KSP Performance- Leveling Lift Kit for Tacoma Black

This is another awesome kit for leveling of your Tacoma suspension. Yes, keep in mind that it has different sizes for adjustment. So, choose one that is perfect according to your requirement.

Suspension has a general height limit, so if you want to increase it, then there is no option without an additional Leveling Lift Kit for Tacoma. The amazing thing is, it is suitable for both 2WD and 4WD trucks.

So, how much can you increase the full suspension? This kit can increase upto 3 inches. The making material is long lasting and you can be stress free for the next 2-3 years.

Also, it is easy to install by the mechanics and the color also matches all colors of Tacoma. If you love your truck to go on offroads then this kit is a must for you. And I tell you, this mod will make your truck look both awesome and perform well.

It is a common hassle for the Sway bar in Tacoma, as the stock one does not last for long. The quality is not so good to sustain for years.

When you feel you are having some shaky feel while driving, it might be a wise decision to change the sway bar and get going. It is one of the most popular Tacoma mods that users love to install.

Skyjacker sway bars come in specific sizes. But when you install you will find some extended part is there after the bolt, so you can cut the extra part too.

The material is extremely good to run for years and minimize your budget as well. It can be wise to choose 3rd gen Tacoma performance upgrades.

4. Fabtech FTS4130-7 3″ Spindle Kit for Toyota Tacoma

It is a very common mod people look for these days. Spindle kits are a very good attachment for Tacoma world that will give you better handling and wheel balance.

So, why would you need to change it? As usual, the stock versions are not very comfortable for offroading, so you can improve with a good mod.

This Spindle Kit is manufactured in the US and the materials are chosen to ensure smooth handling and longer sustainability. It can give you years of good driving experience and improved handling.

While getting a spindle kit, be sure it comes from a good manufacturer and good feedback. As usual, you can get these mods from Toyota Tacoma accessory Amazon easily.

5. A-Premium Mud Flaps Splash Guards Replacement for Toyota Tacoma with OEM Fender Flares

Have you cleaned the wheel areas after a muddy journey? I can guarantee, it was horrible to clean and that impacted the body metals badly.

Due to less access to the inner side of Tacoma wheels, you need to go for a tough cleaning session. And most of the cases you miss some mud to clean, that causes rust in the inner body.

So, I can tell you this mod is perfect for your Tacoma, it comes in a 4

pcs set for all the wheels.

Just  install this mod and you are free from any tough cleaning session. It comes with better access to your wheel area to clean within 5-7 minutes.

This model is specially made for 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma, so you must think about this mod that will improve your truck maintenance easily.

6. Hooke Road Tacoma 3rd Gen Overland Bed Rack Truck Cargo Carrier

Ever faced a problem to tie something while carrying it behind your truck? We all face the problem.

It is tough to carry anything that moves around when driving, a good mod like Bed Rack Cargo Carrier can solve the problem.

This model is specially customized for 3rd generation Tacoma. When you order it, you will get it delivered in a box. You can easily assemble it and set it up by yourself, so there is no extra hassle.

There are some awesome features of this mount rack, and those are: jack brackets, spare tires place, fuel pack position and others.

Overall, it is a well made rack that is made with Tensile steel with a powder coat finish on it. This is really a good 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma custom mod.

7. Toyota Tacoma Volant Performance 38240 Cold Air Intake with Ram Air Scoop Combo Kit 

Keeping the engine cooler will give you a better and longer hassle-free driving experience. So, this Cold Air Intake Combo kit will keep your engine cooler. Yes, there are some advancements that you will find in every Cool Air Intake.

Generally they crack for hot air and the connector gets loose. So, this advanced mod will minimize your pain. You can Cold Air intake on your Tacoma that comes with reusable filters.

Not only this, Toyota Tacoma Volant has good clamps that will keep it in place, and the Silicon connectors are highly temperature proof.

So, it will give you service for a longer time and it can be easily considered as a Tacoma interior  accessories.

8. JMTAAT Black Grille Trim Bezel

It is a common hassle for us to find the right type of Grille Trim. Just think you have ordered one Grille Trim and that does not suit your truck! It will be so embarrassing.

This JMTATT specific model is made for 3rd gen Tacoma and you can get it without going to any shop. JMTAAT manufactured products are well known for their accessories.

This Grille Trim Bezel is made for your Tacoma, so you will have no more hassle to get a perfect look with your grilles.

It is not only an attachment but you can get a dashing look and safety for your grilles from it. If you can set it perfectly, other Tacoma users will be envious of you!  So, enjoy having this 3rd gen Tacoma Custom.

9. iBrightstar Super Bright LED Bulbs Package Kit

It is not always enjoyable to have general lighting on your Tacoma. They are not cool and not different from other trucks. So, you can use this mod to change the lighting setup.

These are some super bright LED lights that you can use in all the places of your truck. Yes, you have heard it right, from interior to exterior all position, license plate and for every lighting position this kit is awesome.

Another thing is the brightness and the longevity. You can rely on it for its excellent make quality and they are not too high for our eyes. So, there is no risk of an accident either on the highway and create trouble for others.

It is an excellent quality Tacoma interior mod for 3rd gen. Be stress-free and use this lighting kit to make your Tacoma different and better than others.

10. Body Armor 4X4 Fits 2016-2020 Tacoma HiLine Series Front Bumper TC-19339

When we are talking about Body Armor, yes I can tell that you will get a unique and durable mod for your truck.

You can check out this great Front Bumper that is customized for 3rd gen Tacoma. This bumper comes with a TRD skid plate.

But be careful that you cannot just buy it and fit on it, you need to trim the factory default bumper first. Then it can be mounted.

The most interesting part about this bumper is the winch capacity it has. It comes with 10,000 lbs capacity to drag another car.

So, if you want to assist, this is a great vehicle. As an external mod, you will love this one which is perfectly made for 3rd gen Tacomas, although there are various Tacomas in the market. From my experience, I will say that this one is the Best Tacoma mods 3rd gen that you will love.

I have shortlisted the above mentioned mods for Toyota Tacoma, also sharing my experience and feedback about them.

I hope that being a user will be great information for you, too. You will be able to select the Best tacoma mods 3rd gen for your truck then and upgrade your one.

Why do you need Best Tacoma mods 3rd gen?

There are different kinds of mods available for Tacoma, but we are confused about which one is perfect for us.

How good the mod is, but we need to get the right suit for our 3rd gen Tacoma. Other models and versions will not suit at all, it will not waste our money but give us more hassle.

So, while we are in need of mods, we should be careful about the right mod and the availability. I would suggest that, you get some idea about the mod first then go for your purchase or you will fall in trouble.

Things to consider before buying Best tacoma mods 3rd gen

It’s easy for me, as you need to pick which mod you need and check if that suits your truck or not.  I will tell now how easily I select my mods.

Application: First try to identify which type of mod you need. Then you search for the right model and brands. It is sure that you will not buy a set of bumper when you need a set of LED lights! So, first choose the right one.

Feature: All the mods are one kind of addition or upgrade of the stock parts. In some cases, these are modified and give extra features. So, try to visualize the difference and upgrade before purchasing.

Technological Advancement: You have to understand how this new mod is going to help you. Then it is smooth to pick the exact one for you. Why should you buy one that have the similar feature as the stock one?

Brand: Never go for a mod that is made by any unknown brand. Choose a renowned brand that comes with reputation and good feedback from the users.

Price: Cheap or high price products are not always the best. Go for the quality then see if there is any model in your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: Will mods from 1st gen and 2nd gen will suit my Tacoma?

Ans: It is a big No. You need only mods for Tacoma 3rd gen, those are customized for your truck.

Q: Should I buy a cheap mod?

Ans: If that is from a good manufacturer and comes with a good user rating, yes you can. Or, just avoid it.

Q: Is Tacoma’s of 3rd gen is reliable?

Ans: The statics shows that the 3rd generation Tacoma is still one of the most reliable medium size truck in manufacture and Tacoma brand is most trustable and reliable brand over the world.

Q: Which is better between 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Tacoma ?

Ans: It is said by many users that 4 cylinder Tacoma get better mileage compared to 6 cylinder Tacoma. As per estimates by the US environmental protection agency, the 4 cylinder Tacoma truck with a rear-wheel drive powertrain get 23 MPG on the highway whereas 20 mpg in the city.

Q: Does the Tacoma underpowered?

Ans: The latest Tacoma’s off-road ability is amazing, however its firm ride makes it a little bit disturbing when you want to drive on pavement. Although its base engine is underpowered but its upgraded V6 engine is far better as well as underwhelming.

In Conclusion:

Being a Tacoma 3rd gen user, I have tried to share my knowledge with you to find the Best Tacoma mods 3rd gen.

Now, you are the decision maker, you can pick one from the shortlist or can choose any from stores with the knowledge of the buying.

Keep an eye on the quality and pick wisely. If you have enjoyed my review, then I hope you will use the information too.