Top 5 Best Rear Lift Kit For Towing Tacoma [Incredibly Easy Way To Get The Best One]

When it’s all about mods for your Tacoma truck, then the lift kit should be a matter of priority. It provides the better ride quality, capability to fit larger tires and the ground clearance that convince anyone to think about it and buy a lift.

It is very true that for off-road or overland driving, a good lift kit will assist you more than you think.

In this day, it no so easy task to find out the suitable one for your truck as today’s market is saturated with lots of different lift kit.

I would like to say that it is not a matter of worry because you are here. I am sure enough that after reading this article you will be master to find out lift kit for any Tacoma as well as yours.

This article will talk about the 5 best rear lift kit for towing Tacoma with a full buying guides. Keep going and figure out the best one for your Tacoma truck.

Reviews: Best Rear Lift Kit For Towing Tacoma

1. 3’F + 2’R Full Leveling Kit Compatible with 2WD or 4WD 4×4 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma

Orion Motor Tech 3"F + 2"R Leveling Lift Kit

  • This full leveling kit is a better methood to enhance the performance and appearance of Tacoma.
  • The forged strut spacers are high-quality materials made and will last for a long time.
  • The installation of this kit can be done in a comparatively short period of time.
  • The kit is suitable with 2WD/4WD 4x4 2005-2019 Tacoma trucks.
  • The kit is the best one in terms of durability and performance for your Toyota Tacoma.

Do you want to level your 2005-2019 Tacoma truck with 2 inch rear lift and 3 inch front lift, then you can do it with this lift kit?

This lift kit comes with precision CNC machined and provide a simple way to level your Tacoma truck during maintain the factory ride quality.

The kit is suitable with 2WD/4WD 4×4 models and installation can be done within 1 hour.

It is a leveling kit that will lift your truck rear side by 2 inches and front side by 3 inches with more leveled and amazing look.

This kit comes with two forged strut spacers for the rear and two for the front side, and it has a lifetime warranty.

2. Supreme Suspensions – 3′ Front + 2′ Rear Lift Kit for 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma

Supreme Suspensions - 3" Front + 2" Rear Lift Kit

  • SUPREME SUSPENSIONS is a reputable and well known company that serve the consumers for many years.
  • The installation process is quite straightforward that can be finished within several hours.
  • It gives the Tacoma an aggressive, lifted appearance.
  • This lift kit comes with required elements and hardware, as well as a microfiber towel for cleaning.
  • This lift kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

The supreme suspension lift kit is an accurate choice to lift your Tacoma truck with some heavy tire size.

Not only it is easy to install with concise instructions, but also it comes with required components and hardware. It has a microfiber towel for cleaning and a good quality craftsmanship components.

Furthermore, this lift kit will greatly develop your truck performance with a gorgeous look. It features a black powder coat finish for providing a long-lasting eye catchy look of your Tacoma truck.

Additionally, it will easily manage the off-road obstacles and make your journey easy as well.

Benefits of Supreme Suspensions lift kit:

  • Depending on wheel offset, this lift kit will permit you to run up to 33 inches tires on tour Tacoma truck
  • Provide the quality factory ride
  • You will get necessary installation instructions while purchase

One of the Consumer Opinion:

It is awesome lift kit with super easy installation method. This lift kit will increase your truck looks and provide you the best performance for off-road driving.

3. ZY WHEEL 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit Block with U Bolts for 1995-2021 Toyota Tacoma

ZY WHEEL 2'' Rear Leveling Lift Kit

  • The ZY WHEEL Lift Kit is an affordable lift kit for your vehicle.
  • By following some easy steps, you can install it easily.
  • As it is made of durable materials, then it will last for a long time.
  • This is a labeling kit that can enhance the handling and stability.
  • It comes with a manufacturer's warranty and ensure the maximum quality.

If you’re really looking for a lift kit for getting better looks as well as handling, then you can consider this ZY Wheel lift kit as your perfect solution.

As like others lift kit, it is also easy to install and provides all everything you require to lift by 2 inches of rear side of your truck.

As it is only suitable for 1995-present, so you have to use it after 1995 Tacoma truck models. Not only it is suitable for Toyota Tacoma but also for Tundra models.

For securing the block in place, it has a pair of strong u-bolts that join the truck factory rear axle. This sturdy cast iron of this block keep it safe from breaking or bending.

For enhancing your truck performance with better managing, it is a great lift kit to purchase.

The installation instructions are clear and straightforward to follow, and it takes only 30 minutes to install. I highly recommend this lift kit and I strongly believe you will not frustrated after buying this lift kit.

4. AUTOPTIM 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Block Kit – Replacement for 1995-2021 Toyota Tacoma

AUTOPTIM 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Block Kit

  • The leveling lift blocks of this lift kit that uses square leaf springs are one of the easiest ways to lift the rear of your Tacoma truck.
  • You will get an accurate fit with durable quality as this lift kit blocks are CNC machined from billet aluminum.
  • The kit blocks are anodized black for preventing the corrosion.
  • Because of its included U-bolts and simple instructions, this lift kit is totally easy to install.
  • When the blocks of this kit rising ground clearance as well as leveling the kit, it keeps quality of ride.

Autoptim rear leveling kit is the ideal solution while you desire to get a little lifted look or your factory blocks were out. The installation can entirely done by using some hand tools.

It is anodized for a durable finish, and blocks of this leveling kit are CNC machined from durable billet aluminum. Additionally, it comes with various colors that is helpful to match with your vehicle’s style.

This lift kit is made in USA and the blocks are sold in a set of two. With the easy installation, it will perfectly fit with 1995-2021 Tacoma truck. The sole problem is the installation guide is a little bit hard to follow.

After the successful installation, you will notice that it leveled your truck with 1-inch higher in the rear. I am sure that you will not frustrate after purchasing this one.

Buying Guide: Best rear lift for towing Tacoma

If you are sure that you are going to purchase a lift for towing Tacoma, then I would suggest you that you have to consider some factors before purchasing. So, what are the factors to consider?

Best Rear Lift Kit For Towing Tacoma

1. Type of Materials: One of the most crucial factor is the materials of the lift kit as it will ensure the durability of the lift kit. If the lift kit will durable enough, then it can manage the heaviness of your truck and whatever you are towing.

2. Lift weight capacity:The lift kit all about handle the weight, so make sure that it is strong enough to bear whatever are towing. It is also important whether this lift kit is suitable with your Tacoma or not.

3. Budget of the Kit: There are lots of different lift kit with different prices in today’s market. Purchase the proper one within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Q: Does Truck Lift Affect in Towing?

Ans: This is a matter of argument that how much a lift kit affects in towing. Many truck owners believe that there is no considerable effect of lift kit in towing, while others believe it affects significantly in towing of the truck.

Eventually, the amount of lift will measure how well a lift can tow a trailer. Although it will not make a big difference in terms of small lift, but it may be a big issue for big lift.

Q: Is it possible to tow with a 3-inch lift?

Ans: It’s fully rely on vehicle’s load weight as well as towing capacity whether it is possible to tow with a 3-inch lift or not. It will best to consult with a professional to decide about towing capacity.

Q: How Much Lift Is Required For 35s On Tacoma?

Ans: There is no fixed answer for this as it will change depending on every Tacoma tire size and type of truck. A common rule is that for 35-inch tires, about 2 inches lift is required.

Q: Does It Possible to Fit 35s On A 6-Inch Tacoma Lift ?

Ans: Although it depends on the offset and width of 35-inch tires, but most of the time i6 inch lift fits 35-inch tires. The only problem is there may occur some rubbing on the fenders.

Q: Does a 2-Inch Lift Make Any Difference?

Ans: Anyone can not tell it specifically whether a 2-inch lift make any difference or not because it effects rely on vehicle type and the type of lift kit that you installed in your truck. Normally, in ground clearance, it will serve a little bit of increase and make it possible to fit bigger tires properly.

In Conclusion:

In today’s market, there are lots of various rear lift kits available for Tacoma truck. That is why it is necessary to consider the size, driving conditions and trailer weight during purchasing a rear Tacoma lift kit for towing.

You need to buy a larger and heavier lift kit if you daily tow large items and it will serve you the better clearance as well.

In addition, if you will need a lift kit for occasional towing, then it would be better to buy a budget friendly lift kit. To make your purchasing easier take a look at above best lift kit for towing Tacoma.