Top 4 Best Performance Chips For A Tacoma Reviews In [2023]

Do you want to get better fuel economy with more power from your Tacoma truck ? If so, then one of the easiest way to use performance chips, which is also known as tuning device.

In early era, microchips have done this job by plugging it with your vehicle’s computer system.

As the improvement of computer technology, those microchips are changed by tuning devices. These current tuning devices will serve you enhanced fuel economy and power.

Additionally, they can balance the transmission change/shift, sharpen throttle response and examine diagnostic trouble codes easily.

Most of the time, some advanced systems come with extended display screens that report a vast length of engine parameters.

So, if you are interested in improving the performance of your Tacoma, then keep reading.

The only difficulty is choosing the right one based on your Tacoma vehicle requirements, but no need to worry as we gathered some of the best performance chips for a Tacoma. With those chips, you surely improve the performance of your Tacoma truck.

Reviews: Best Performance Chips For A Tacoma

Take some time to look at this performance chips at a glance and go to the details of these chips for knowing thoroughly. I choose 5 best Tacoma performance chips and can surely say that you don’t need enough time to get your best one.

1. Pedal Commander – PC38 for Toyota Tacoma (2005 and Newer) (2nd & 3rd Gen) – Throttle Response Controller

Highlighted Features:

1. The PC38 performance chip will improve your throttle acceleration and response as well.
2. With the easy install method, it will also enhance your fuel economy.
3. It is perfectly adjustable based on your choice.
4. This performance chip will properly upgrade your Toyota performance.

The Pedal Commander is one of the latest and amazing mods for Tacoma. It is particularly designed for 2005 and later version Tacoma’s in both second and third generations.

This chip comes with various versions such as SR5, SR, TRD Sport and Off Road. In addition, it plugs with Toyota Tacoma existing wiring with a little handheld controller.

If you want some extra advantage such as enhance fuel economy, acceleration and so on then you can select this with an easy installation process.

The whole installation process will take maximum 30 minutes time for entire installation process.

It will be an amazing experience for the driver and feel like they are driving an entirely different truck because of its precision and immediacy of the throttle response.

Furthermore, it is more responsive with better consistent power. If your truck is 2005 or later version then you can buy this performance chip without second time thinking.

2. Innovative Performance Chip or Power Programmer compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2.4L – 4.0L

Highlighted Features:

1. It will certainly save your gas, enhance the fuel mileage, and provide your truck more MPG.
2. This chip will also rise your truck horsepower and torque.
3. As the name suggest it is suitable with Toyota Tacoma 2.4L, 2.7L, 3.4L, 3.5L, and 4.0L engines.
4. Innovative Performance Chip installation is easy and will get the maximum satisfaction.

If you really want to get an affordable, reliable power programmer for Tacoma truck, then you should consider this performance chip.

It is a chip that will fit almost all size of Tacoma engine sizes, particularly 2.7L, 2.4L, 3.5L, 3.4L and 4.0L engine sizes.

It will provide you the improved fuel mileage, horsepower, more MPG. Furthermore, it also save your gas and provide your truck enhanced torque.

The process of installation is quite easy and quick and there is nothing more required but only a screwdriver. As they are handy and compact, so it will be simple to store in the glove box or even in pocket.

You will get more than enough torque and horsepower by using this performance chip. In addition, you will see the actual difference while driving your truck as well as fill your tank.

The overall features such as torque, horsepower, mileage and fuel economy is really noticeable and fantastic.

3. Fits Toyota Tacoma – High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Programmer

Highlighted Features:

  1. This high-performance tuner chip will provide you the enhanced torque and horsepower.
  2. With simple and quick process of installation, it will serve you the enhanced fuel economy.
  3. It will increase your towing capacity and make a difference while driving.
  4. The overall feature and performance of this chip is really satisfactory.

If you are a Tacoma owner and just want to enhance your truck power and overall performance, then this performance chip may be just what you want.

It will permit you to tune Tacoma’s engine to get the additional power and torque with maximum fuel economy and drivability.

As there are various kinds of tuner chips and programmers in today’s market, so it is not an easy task to find out the best one based on your Tacoma year and model.

Some of the best popular tuner chips are Bully Dog GT tuner, the AEM Infinity Series 5 programmer and Superchips Cortex programmer.

After buying the perfect one for your truck now it’s time to install it in your truck. As the Tacoma’s engine is tightly packed and space shortage to work so, it can be a challenging task to do.

However, with some patience and basic tools, it can be done so easily. The first step of the installation process is to detach the air cleaner assembly from the truck engine.

You can do it by unscrewing the air cleaner cover and detaching the air filter. The nest steps is easy, and you can do it by following instruction manual.

There is no doubt that it will make your truck faster, and you will see a difference that will amaze you.

4. Force Performance Chip or Programmer for Toyota Tacoma

Highlighted Features:

  1. Force Performance Chip will serve you increased torque and horsepower.
  2. It also provides you enhanced MPG and fuel mileage.
  3. For getting increased throttle response, it is a good performance chip.
  4. The overall features are amazing, and the installation method is easy.

The Force Performance Chip will increase your truck performance by improving horsepower, fuel mileage and torque. It increases the torque, horsepower and fuel mileage by tuning the engine properly.

Anyone can install it in minutes, as there is no special tools or expertise required. To install, you need to just plug this force performance chip into the OBD-II port under the truck dashboard.

Afterward, this chip will then optimize the engines based on your particular needs.

It will not only grow up your truck performance but also save your gas. Sometimes it is a frustrating matter when a truck is not enough capable to towing the heavy load.

If you go with this performance chip, then your truck will be entirely capable to tow heavy load. The increased gas mileage because of this chip, to allow you to run your truck for a longer time than before.

Buying Guide: Best performance chips for a Tacoma

Specific needs and requirements: This is the first and foremost things to consider because you have to specify terrain type where you daily drive on. In addition, it is crucial to figure out your truck activities and what you want. Whether it is fuel economy, more power, or both of them.

Best Performance Chips For A Tacoma

Type of chip: Nowadays, there are lots of different chip available on the market, but every chip is not the same. They come with particular advantages and disadvantages.

The most selling performance chip is tuner that permits you to modify your truck performance based on your needs. Although this type of performance chip is a little bit pricey, but it has various different tuning options.

Research different brands and models: At this stage, you need to research different brands and models for getting the perfect performance chip for your truck.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q: Is Toyota Trucks Affected By Chip Shortage?

Ans: Nowadays, Toyota trucks are not affected by the chip shortage. However, if the chip shortage worsen day by day, then it may reduce production or even stop the entire production.

Q: Does a performance chip provide additional horsepower ?

Ans: There is no particular answer of this question, as there are various performance chips with different pros and cons. Generally, a performance chip give your truck more horsepower by rising engines fuel efficiency and power.

Q: How do improve the Toyota Tacoma horsepower ?

Ans: There are lots of different method to enhance the Toyota Tacoma engine horsepower. The first way is to install a performance chip that will give your truck additional power.
In addition, the another way is to upgrade your truck exhaust system so that it can allow the engine to breathe easier and generate additional horsepower. Finally, you can install a turbocharger or cold air intake in your truck to boost your engine horsepower.

Q: Is it possible to supercharge a Toyota Tacoma?

Ans: Whether it is possible to supercharge a Tacoma or not is depending on Tacoma model and the range of modifications.
Generally, numerous Tacoma models are not suitable for supercharging and some models can be modified to use it.
It is recommended by expertise to consult with a professional technician before making any decision about Tacoma supercharging.

Q: How Much Horsepower Does A Stage 3 Performance Chip Add?

Ans: A stage 3 performance chip can add up to 50 horsepower to a vehicle’s Engine.

In Conclusion:

Tacoma’s performance chips will add some extra advantage in your driving. It will do it by enhancing your fuel economy, mileage, horsepower and torque power.

Your truck will be capable for towing heavy items. Overall, the performance chips are necessary for better driving experience and so on, but sometimes it is not an easy task to figure out the proper one.

To make this work easier for the consumers, I gather the above 4 best performance chips for a Tacoma by lots of my hard work.

Undoubtedly, it will help you the best and provide you the maximum advantage while driving your truck.