10 Best Synthetic Rope Winch For Jeep (Buyer’s Guide and Review-2023)

Getting the best synthetic rope winch is not as easy as you think. But when you have experts to review the products, the problem solves 10x faster.

Exploring challenging trails is fun until your jeep gets stuck in a ditch, mud, or sand. If you own a Jeep, you know the struggle of getting stuck.

You need to go through a lot of obstacles while tracking hills. Whether drudging through mud or powering sandy hills, the struggle is real.

To make it easier, we came across jeep winch synthetic rope. Now, you might get a question: Is synthetic rope better than cable? Yes, synthetic rope is far better than cable.

Best Synthetic Rope Winch For Jeep

They make synthetic rope of high-quality polythene. Synthetic rope is lightweight and easier to handle than steel cable. They don’t store energy as steel cable does.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best synthetic rope winches for the jeep. Experts have reviewed these ropes practically to get the best experience. The jeep winch will get you out of trouble.

They are the best budget winch for the jeep. Keep reading the article to know about jeep winch reviews.

Reviews: 10 best synthetic rope winch for jeep

1. Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch

Smittybilt XRC GEN2 Waterproof Winch

  • The black finish of this winch will give you a significant look.
  • The look is suitable for any vehicle.
  • Smittybilt gives you a lifetime mechanical warranty to experience the best you can.
  • It has, 9500 lbs pulling capacity.
  • The capacity can pull up any vehicle in a second.

This is one of the most powerful on your best synthetic rope winch list. It has upgraded the Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC winch with heavy-duty capabilities. The winch delivers durability and high-quality performance.

Their top-notch materials are specially made for jeeps, big trucks, and SUVs. their complete durability system can bail you out from any trouble you’re stuck in. Only a traveler knows the struggle against deadly sands and obstacles.

That’s why protection is needed. The new updated version of GEN 2 XRC Winch will bail you out from any obstacles on the go. The XRC winch series features 6.6 HP motors.

They have a 3-stage planetary gear system and have revised gear ratios that increase the pulling power. The revised gear delivers lightning-fast line speed. That makes the winch can pull the vehicle at a lightning-fast speed.

You have nothing to worry about when you have the winch with you. They finished the product in a rugged UV-resistance matte black coat. It finishes with stainless steel hardware and oversized aluminum crossbars.

Technical specification of Smittybilt GEN XRC Winch:

Weight 83 pounds
Product dimensions ‎5.4 x 9.4 x 22.3 inches
Capacity ‎9500lbs
Gear type ‎3-stage planetary
Bolt pattern ‎10.0” x 4.5”
Remote type ‎Automatic remote control
Max amp draw ‎500 amp solenoid
Waterproof ‎IP67 ratings
Warranty Limited 5-year warranty


  • Updated features: The manufacturer updated this product to give you a smooth performance. They update every material to enhance durability. You will get to experience a new journey with the help of the GEN 2 XRC winch.
  •  Versatility: Smittybilt XRC winch is a versatile winch. The winch includes a heavy-duty winch controller, a forged steel hook, four-way roller fairlead.
    Many types of equipment are useful and come in handy.

    These gadgets make the winch a versatile product. Every piece of equipment is easy to use and will bail you out of any situation.
  •  Features a remote control switch: The remote control feature is convenient when your jeep is stuck, and you can’t reach out for help. The remote has a 12’’ lead. Once the winch is installed with the remote control, it will get you out of a jam.


  • The winch pins are thinner
  • Instructions are not clear

2. Smittybilt X2O Comp – Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Waterproof Wireless Synthetic Rope

  • IP67 waterproof construction is enough to make keep you damage-free.
  • Smittybilt can deal with any situation and get you out.
  • With its multifunctional features, you can travel the world with less trouble.
  • Automatic remote control has higher sensitivity to respond.
  • The product includes a redesigned solenoid box.
  • You can mount the solenoid in 3 original positions to get the full experience of versatility.

Smittybilt is on the list of our best winch for jeep review. Its outstanding quality with functional accessories makes it superior to others. You don’t have to break your bank for this product because it is reasonable in town.

Their tactical design with extraordinary features makes it versatile and easy to use. This product has a UV-resistant matte black finish texture. That will keep your winch cool and away from the heat.

Even if it’s raining, the product won’t get rid of the color soon. Their black matte finish gives the winch a versatile and elegant look. The matte black has a coating with stainless steel hardware.

They have improved The Smittybilt X20 in every area to give you the best performance you want. The product will keep you off-road to make sure your jeep is trouble-free. For its synthetic rope, the Smittybilt delivers durable performance every time.

The product includes a rope winch, all required power cables, a forged hook, rope sleeve, and wireless remote. All the gadgets come in one package, which is useful. These functional accessories come in handy and are easy to use.

The 6.6HP series wound helps to give strength to the winch. The price is very budget-friendly. So if you’re searching for a synthetic rope winch for a jeep then this model is the best.

This model has a lifetime mechanical warranty with a 5-year electrical warranty. Now you don’t have to worry about damaging and repairing the winch anymore.

Smittybilt X20 is easy to install. You don’t need any special instructions to install the winch. The control and functionality of the winch are incredibly high. Easy to control and durability make the winch the best on the market.

Technical specification of Smittybilt X20 rope winch:

Weight 16 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎‎‎24 x 15 x 11 inches
Capacity ‎10,000lbs
Gear Type ‎3-stage planetary
Bolt Pattern ‎10.0” x 4.5”
Remote Type ‎Wireless remote
Warranty ‎Lifetime mechanical warranty, 5-year electrical warranty
Max Amp Draw ‎500 AMP


  • Integrated wireless remote control: You can connect the controller with the included cable to operate the winch. You can operate the winch manually without the remote.
  • Features waterproof solenoid: The X20 winch features a waterproof 500 AMP solenoid for the jeep. It can mount the solenoid in two different spaces depending on your need. You can replace or switch the places whenever you need.
  • Optimized gear ratios: X20’s optimized gears help to transfer the lightning-fast speed line. The gear ratio results in a synthetic rope that is more durable and long-lasting.
  • Multiple mounting options with the forged hook: The X20’s model includes multiple mounting systems which make it a versatile product. It comes with a forged hook that is convenient.

    You can attach the hook with anything to pull up your jeep. You can pull out any jeep with zero effort with the help of the hook.
  • Features dynamic braking system: This winch features a braking system that reduces drum temperature by 66%. It is suitable for many synthetic ropes.


  • The remote control range is low
  • The solenoid mounts don’t fit sometimes

3. WARN 103252 Electric 12V DC Winch with Synthetic Rope

WARN 103252 Electric 12V DC Winch

  • The Warn synthetic rope winch has the capability of pulling, 10000 lbs.
  • Their pulling capability is the major key to their performance.
  • The Warn synthetic rope winch offers a limited lifetime warranty with 7 years electrical warranty.
  • The quality will satisfy customers' needs.
  • The price is also onto a decent budget so that you don't have to break your bank.

We choose to Warn 103252 synthetic rope winch for its exceptional capabilities. This is one of the top-selling rope winches for the jeep. Their high performance contributes to making them top-rated on Amazon.

Its excellent design with the build quality is only in the market. Not just styling, but their performance is superior. With 10000 pulling capacities, it is a great synthetic rope winch for the jeep.

The winch has great value compared to its budget. Warn electric synthetic rope winch is not only versatile but also standard for every jeep. It looks great on the front and adds some features to your jeep.

The manufacturer designed, tested the product in the USA. Their control pack is best for low-profile installation. They made the 2-in one remote control super convenient.  The best specialty of this machine is its high-performance Albright contractor.

The contractor delivers maximum solidity so that you can have the full experience. You can also move contractors for low-profile installations. Warn synthetic rope winch is efficient and durable.

The winch is ideal for all types of large frame rigs. The rigs need longer and heavier pulls. Warn synthetic rope winch strongest and heavy-duty winch. Warn gives your jeep a bonus strength when it’s stuck in the sand or mud.

As this winch come with 7 years electrical warranty, so you have nothing to worry about getting it damaged. We have chosen Warn winch for its excellent features and high-quality materials.

Technical specification of Warn electric winch:

Weight 91.9 pounds
Product Dimension 21×6.3×10.1 inches
Capacity 10,000lb
Line Speed For ½ ton pickup trucks, jeep, SUV
Bolt pattern 10.0’’ x 4.5”
Remote type 2-in1 remote
Warranty Limited lifetime for mechanical and 7 years for electrical
Gear type 3-stage planetary
Max AMP draw 358 amps


  • Features removable free spool lever: This gadget features a removable lever. Allen’s screw holds the lever on so that no one can steal the lever.
  • 2-in 1 remote options: The state-of-the-art and 2-in1 remote control options make this device easy to use and versatile. It also has a wire or wireless remote option on the go.
  • Deliver faster line speed: Warn synthetic rope winch holds the series-wound motor and planetary gear train. It helps to deliver faster line speed under load with lower amp draw. The powerful series-wound motor helps to pick any truck or jeep or big SUVs with no struggle.
  • Waterproof construction: It features IP-68 rated waterproof construction. This feature will take out all the dust and particles from the vehicle.


  • Not budget-friendly.
  • Remotes are not rechargeable.
  • Needs to install the mounting plate.

4. ZESUPER 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

ZESUPER 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

  • The lightning-fast speed line is enough for any obstacles.
  • For your easy understanding, the ZESUPER made all the wires color-coded.
  • The color of the wire and the terminals are perfectly coded so that you don’t have to worry about any mistakes.
  • The super solid control box is practical and convenient.

The ZESUPER 9500 lb winch is the toughest winch on the list. That’s why most people swear by this winch. Its performance is incredibly smooth. The manufacturer enhances each area of this product to give you the ultimate pull-up.

Its ability to pull a 9500 lb load can bail any vehicle out easily from the hurdle. It has potent power and high efficiency. Even professionals are satisfied with the ability of this rope winch.

Every unit has series-wound motors that are incredibly efficient. They are at higher speeds and stable, unlike permanent motors.

The product comes with an assembly manual for easy installation. You don’t have to watch any videos or take a load of tension while assembling the product.

There is no chance of a mistake because now you have the manual instruction with you. The instruction comes in handy while using the winch. Also, you can complete the winch assembly under instruction and guidance.

It has released a super solid control box with the winch. The control box is convenient. It is more practical and avoids the downside of the high control box.

Technical specs of ZESUPER 9500lb load capacity electric winch:

Weight 53 pounds
Product Dimension 24 x 14 x 10 inches
Capacity 9500lbs
Gear Type 3-stage gear planetary
Bolt Pattern 10.0” x 4.5”
Remote Type Wireless remote control
Fairlead Type Aluminium Hawse Fairlead
Waterproof IP67
Warranty One year limited warranty


  • Features manual or wireless remote control: ZESUPER manual or wireless remote that controls the winch. The wireless remote control is the upgraded version of the dual remote control that will take up your game. The wireless remote is for easy operations and controls.
  • Heavy-duty sealed motor: The power in and power out motor reduces the jamming and fastens the reception speed 20% more. Its heavy-duty sealed motor can pull up to a 9500 lbs vehicle easily.
  • Fast wire rope release:  This feature is the major key to this product. The faster rope release will save you out from any danger. If your winch can not release the rope in time, then you might fall in danger.

    That’s why ZESUPER has this ultimate feature to get your vehicle out of the trap. The fast rope-free spooling clutch makes the operation smooth.
  • Faster line speed: ZESUPER 9500lb synthetic rope winch has super horsepower 3 stages planetary gear. The gear delivers faster line speed than other winches.

    Whenever you install ZESUPER synthetic rope winch, it will unleash you from any obstacles with its super 3-stage planetary power.


  • The motor is a little loud.
  • The wireless remote delay to response sometimes.
  • Instruction does not include a wiring diagram.

5. SuperATV 3500 lb. UTV/ATV Black Ops Winch Kit

SuperATV Black Ops 3500 LB Winch

  • It features a wireless remote control up to 50 feet.
  • The load capacity of this winch is up to 3500 pounds.
  • Because of its better load capacity, you can get out from the mud easily.
  • It includes a 50-inch waterproof and versatile synthetic rope winch.

SuperATV is specially designed to fit bumpers and winch mounts. The model becomes your best buddy when you’re in trouble. This product can hold up to 35lbs. It is the best model for small vehicles.

The exclusive design and features make it a classic winch for the jeep. That’s why we included the SuperATV winch kit on your best winch for jeep list. The kit comes with various equipment to be a versatile and handy product for you.

The superATV comes in a versatile kit. The kit includes 50′ synthetic rope, wireless remote with a water-resistant receiver, Wired dash rocker switch, Heavy-gauge extended wiring and waterproof solenoid (long enough for four-seaters), Aluminum hawse fairlead—4.3” (109 mm), Winch mount plate, Winch hook kit, Hook pull, Rope stopper.

You won’t get these multifunctional gadgets with any other winch. This winch kit is handy and easy to use.

Technical specs of SuperATV 3500 black ops winch kit:

Weight 30.1 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎16.22 x 12.83 x 8.35 inches
Remote Type ‎Wireless remote
Gear Ratio 166:1
Bolt Pattern ‎3.0″ x 4.87″
Capacity ‎3500lbs
Aluminum Hawse Fairlead ‎4.3”
Max Amp Draw 500 amp
Warranty 1-year warranty


  • Wireless remote control:  The black ops model features a wireless remote control. The range of remote control up to 50 feet.

    That means you can save yourself from the distance. If you get stuck in a ditch or mud, you’re just one button away to save yourself from the hurdle.
  • 3500lb load capacity:  The winch can take load up to 3500lbs. Even if you get stuck in the mud, the winch can take you out in seconds. Its 3-stage gear planetary with lightning-fast speed will bail out your vehicle very easily.
  • Includes 50” synthetic rope: The superATV includes a 50’’ synthetic rope. The rope is waterproof and versatile. Whenever you face trouble, the synthetic rope will save your day. Its durability is the major key of the model.


  • Not affordable.
  • The supplied switch needs cutting before putting into the dash.

6. Warn ZEON 10-S Synthetic Rope Winch

Warn ZEON 10-S Synthetic Rope Winch

  • The Warn Zeon grab the customer's attention because of its stylish and unique exterior.
  • It is one of the most durable synthetic rope winch that can handle up to, 10000 lbs. load without any problem.
  • This winch has IP-68 waterproof construction to easily handle dust and muddy particles.

Another warning is on our list because of its high-quality features. The warn synthetic rope jeep winch will be your best buddy on the go. Its durability and unique design differ it from other winches.

Warn is the most powerful synthetic rope winch on the market. It can take 10,000lbs loads at a time. That is a lot for a rope winch. The powerful 3-stage planetary gear is the key to its pulling capacity.

Let’s check some features. The large aluminum winch drum is lightweight. It also reduces rope wear. That means your synthetic rope will be damage-free because of this aluminum winch.

You don’t have to worry about tearing up the rope anymore. The series-wound motor and planetary gear train make Warn synthetic rope work faster. It delivers faster line speed under load.  It also has a lower amp draw(358 amp).

The powerful series-wound motor makes it easier to pick any truck or jeep or big SUVs with no struggle. Their powerful motor will take the jeep out anytime, wherever You’re stuck.

Technical specs of Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch with Synthetic Rope:

Weight 80.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 26.25 x 8.5 x 19.75 inches
Capacity 10,000lbs
Gear Ratio 162:1
Remote Type Wireless dual remote
Bolt Pattern 10.0” x 4.5”
Waterproof ip68
Brake Automatic mechanical cone
Warranty Limited lifetime for mechanical and 7 years for electrical


  • Unique styling: The unique and exterior styling is the main point to attract the customer. You need something attached to your vehicle that looks great. That’s why Warn has always been a great example of unique design.
  • Powerful capacity: This is the most powerful synthetic rope winch for the jeep. It can load 10,000lbs without any trouble. Best for all kinds of trucks, cars, jeeps,s, and SUVs. even if you’re stuck in a ditch, the winch can take you out with its capacity.
  • Waterproof feature:  The waterproof construction of Warn synthetic rope is IP-68. All the dust and particles are going to be cleaned off with this feature.

    There is no chance of getting damaged by the water because of its waterproof feature. The gadget becomes heavy-Duty with their one-piece cast-aluminum tie-place.


  • The contractor pack becomes weak
  • The finish on the winch becomes faded.

7. STEGODON New 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

STEGODON New 9500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch

  • The Stegodon is a new S2 model of previous one that is easy to install and use.
  • It features high sensitive remote control for response in time.
  • The catchy and unique design grab the customer's attention easily.

A new powerful synthetic rope winch is on our list is STEGODON 9500lb load capacity electric winch. It is the upgraded version of the previous one. The upgraded version is more powerful, stronger, high-efficient than the previous one.

It is waterproof and sand proof that means it can bail you out from desert and snow anytime. STEGODON has a unique design to attract customers. Let’s check out all the features and capabilities we are getting from the model.

like other winches, this model also features 3-stage planetary gear. The gear helps to pull up to 9500lbs of vehicles in just minutes. The gears also help to reduce the receptions by 20% faster.

No matter how bad your jeep or truck is stuck in the mud, the lightning-fast line speed will take it out soon.  the S2 model features a new control box.

The control box is the additional feature they added in the S2 version. you will experience something different with the new control box.

It reduced the control box size by 10%. Now, you do not need to think about installation space anymore. It can take 9500lbs load capacity. You can replace your synthetic rope with a wire rope in this model.

There is a screw to hold the cable in a winch drum. You just need to replace the synthetic rope with the wire cable and you’re good to go.

Technical specs of STEGODON synthetic rope winch:

Weight 48 lbs
Product Dimension ‎20.3 x 6.3 x 10 inches
Capacity 9500lbs
Gear Type 3-stage planetary
Bolt Pattern Type 10.0” x 4.5”
Remote Type Wireless remote control
Waterproof IP67
Battery Min. 2 Gauge
Warranty One year limited warranty


  • It is the new S2 model: This is the new S2 model of the previous one. Every area of this model has been upgraded. This model is easy to install and easy to use.

    It comes with many types of equipment and features. The manufacturer updated the model to enhance its durability and capabilities. You will enjoy the newest version more than the old one.
  • High-sensitivity wireless remote: Wireless remote control feature is available in every winch. But not every remote response in time.

    STEGODON features remote controls that are highly sensitive. The remote has fast circuit speed and high sensitivity.
  • It has a unique design:  The special unique design is enough to catch everyone’s attention. STEGODON has the jungle explorer logo. The logo is the center of the attraction. The lemon green color looks beautiful at night.


  • Winch directions are difficult to understand
  • Free pool mode needs to improve

8. Rough Country 9,500 Electric Winch | 85 FT Synthetic Rope Fairlead

Rough Country 9,500 Electric Winch

  • The winch has 3-stage planetary gears for faster speed.
  • Rough Country winch is IP67 waterproof and dustproof as well.
  • Compared to other synthetic rope winch, it is lightweight and convenient to use.

This is the newest and latest model of the brand. If you’re looking for the best synthetic rope winch for the jeep, then Rough country is the best for you.

The high-quality recovery solution with the ip67 waterproof feature will leave every other winch behind.

This winch is built to ward off the elements. Rough Country provides professional recovery at a low price. You don’t need to be bankrupt for the winch.

Their high-powered recovery solution is IP67 waterproof. It ensures your safety with its full recovery system. Its 3-stage gear planetary delivers fast line speed. 

This model includes a replaceable clevis hook. The hook is convenient and easy to use.

Technical specs of Rough Country electric winch:

Weight 82.8 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎23.25 x 13.5 x 12.5 inches
Capacity 9500lbs
Gear Type 3 – stage planetary
Waterproof IP67
Bolt Pattern 4.5″ x 10″
Motor 5.5hp
Gear Ratio 265:1
Volts 12V


  • High-speed efficiency:  The product has high-speed efficiency. Their Series Wound motors are notably efficient at higher speeds. Moreover, they are less prone to overheating compared to Permanent Magnet motors.

    Your winch won’t get heated while doing its operation. Its 3-stage planetary gears will give it the faster line speed for faster rope release.
  • Waterproof and dustproof: The model is IP67 waterproof. That means your product won’t get damaged under the water.

    They created Rough Country’s PRO Winch Systems to kick away the elements, rendering reliable recovery every time.
  • It’s lightweight: Unlike other synthetic rope winches, the rough country is lightweight and easy to use. Most of the vehicles are sensitive to weight.

    The extra weight could worsen the situation, but in this case. Because of its lightweight feature, the product is capable of pulling up large vehicles.


  • Broke is not strong

9. VEVOR 3500 LBS synthetic rope winch

VEVOR 3500 LBS synthetic rope winch

  • The winch has two wireless remote controls with maximum sensitivity.
  • It comes with strong, lightweight synthetic rope rather than steel cables.
  • This winch also features a 1.48 hp waterproof super powerful, fast wound motor.

The versatile truck synthetic rope winch will save your game when you’re stuck in the ditch. The sturdy and durable material will last longer than you think. Whenever you get in trouble, the favor truck winch will be here to bail you out.

Their manufacturer designed the winch especially for large vehicles like trucks, SUVs, etc. The matte black finish of the product gives it a sturdy structure.

The model looks great with any vehicle. Their high-quality material will make them more strength to pull any vehicle. The matte black finish is rugged with UV resistance to prevent UV damage to the paint.

This model comes with an upgraded accessory kit. The kit includes a forged hook, synthetic rope,  a set of wireless remote tools, and a roller fairlead, to give you the utmost performance.  It is convenient and easy to use.

The kit is travel-friendly and helps you with any trouble you get on the way. It has updated accessories and all of them are high-quality. 

The model is designed with sturdy and durable material for the last longer. The material is high-quality and gives you the ultimate experience you want. It won’t get damaged easily.

Technical specs of VEVOR Truck winch:

Weight 23 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 9 x 6 inches
Capacity 3500lbs
Voltage 12volts
Gear Ratio 153:1
Max Amp Draw 500amp
Cable Length 11m
Waterproof ip67


  • Wireless remote control: This package comprises two wireless remote controls. It also has a handlebar-mounted rocker switch.

    The remotes allow you to launch recovery actions in a doubtful situation away from the vehicle. The remote controls have high sensitivity. Also, they are pretty convenient and respond in time.
  • Features strong synthetic rope: The strong synthetic rope can pull out any vehicle from the ditch. The synthetic rope is lightweight and stronger than steel cables. That’s why most people prefer synthetic rope over steel cables.
  • Powerful motor: This synthetic rope winch carries a 1.48 hp waterproof wound motor. The motor is super powerful. A differential planetary gear drivetrain is connected by the motor.

    That gear is fast, manages lowering loads well, and has reduced friction and parasitic draw.


  • The motor makes a lot of noise
  • Mount bolt needs to improve

10. OPENROAD 13000Lbs 12 Volts Electric Winch

OPENROAD 13000Lbs 12 Volts Electric Winch

  • The winch has 85 feet durable frames for preventing damage.
  • As it is equipped with a control box mounting plate, so you can manage the control box easily.
  • The overload protectors’ function cut off the power while it figure out your vehicle overloaded. 

The OPENROAD RP series 13000lbs electric winch is the last yet the strong one on our list. It is specially designed for people who love off-road. it Makes your car incredible.

It has an influential pulling force and is suitable for most 4×4 vehicles, SUVs, trunks, and trailers. No Matter what kind of road positions you meet, it will always be your requisite assistant.

The product has a 6.0HP copper motor. The high melting point copper wire is not breakable when the motor is running at high speed and heats up. The model makes it more efficient by losing low.

The model is upgraded with a new design. It makes your winch and car look cooler. And different from other brands, they configure a 500a relay to make your winch more powerful. Its pulling force is strong for any vehicle.

The control box is sealed and waterproof to ensure that it’s not damaged. It has a quick power-off button that will power off when you’re not using the winch. This is feature is new in the winch industry.

Technical specs of OpenRoad 1300LBS electric winch:

Weight 63.9 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎23.75 x 15 x 12.5 inches
Capacity ‎1300lbs
Gear type ‎3-stage gear
Waterproof ‎ip67
Bolt Pattern ‎10” X4.5’’
Motor ‎5.5 hp
Gear Ratio 265.1
Volts 12


  •  Hard winch frame: This Synthetic rope has a large-diameter winch drum. It is 85 feet, and it has greater strength and will cause less damage. The synthetic rope is waterproof so that it won’t get damaged by the water.
  • Control with plate: The model is equipped with a control box mounting plate, you can arrange the position of the control box according to the fitting position you need. You don’t need an external control box due to insufficient space.
  • Features winch overload protector: The overload protectors’ function is to cut off the power when it detects that you have been overloaded so that you can avoid accidents.
    After power off, you don’t need to worry that the winch will be released directly because the winch has an automatic braking function.


  • Bolts are weak
  • Motor needs to improve

Synthetic winch rope for jeep buyers’ guide:

Here are some factors you need to know before buying a winch for a jeep.

The capacity:

The winch capacity is a must while buying a winch. The capacity determines whether your winch can pull up a big jeep or SUV.

Some of the best winches have 13000 pounds max pull capacity. And min pull capacity is 2000 pounds. Buy a range from 9500 to 13000 pounds of capacity. So that your winch can take big loads.

The length of the rope:

Most synthetic or cable ropes have a 20-foot mark to a 100-foot mark. So consider buying in between so that you can get benefits in the future. A longer rope will help to get out of the obstacles easily.

Most people consider 50-60 foot rope. Or you can buy rope extenders for more length.

The winch motor:

There are two types of motor available. One is series-wound and the other is permanent-magnet. Series-wound is powerful and more durable than permanent-magnet. People prefer series-wound more than a permanent magnet.

Because permanent-magnet produces 10-15 AMP less than series-wound. Now if you want a powerful motor then go for a series wound. But if you have a tight budget then go for permanent-magnet.


The budget depends on its capability, motor type, efficiency, and many more. If you need a high-quality rope winch, the budget needs to increase.

You will get every feature in that rope winch. But if your budget is low then you might get something that doesn’t feature a lot of benefits.

How long does a synthetic winch rope last?

Usually, synthetic winch rope lasts up to 10 years. But the longevity depends on the usage of the rope. If you love traveling across the hills, and love challenges then you get stuck on the obstacles quite often. That means you have to use your rope winch frequently.

How to protect synthetic winch rope?

Protecting and taking care of your synthetic winch rope will make it last 10 years. In case you need to know “how to take care of synthetic rope winch?’’ then keep reading

  • Every time before and after using the synthetic rope, make sure to check it properly. If you see any damage then immediately go for recovery service
  • Replace the synthetic rope when you see two or more adjacent strands are damaged or cut.
  • Use an abrasion sleeve to prevent any breakage. The abrasion sleeve will prevent any kind of friction damage that can happen during the operations.
  • Clean your synthetic rope every 90 days for its longevity.

Synthetic rope winch or steel winch? Which one is better?

Synthetic rope winch is better than steel winch. It has higher breaking strength than steel winch. Synthetic rope is lightweight and steel cable has its weight.

Steel ropes are not flexible but synthetic ropes are flexible. Synthetic ropes don’t store a lot of energy as steel cable does. That’s why synthetic rope is better than steel winch.

Which one is better for jeep- Electric vs hydraulic winch?

A hydraulic winch gives power to the winch through a hydraulic pump and hydraulic system. And an electric winch gets power from a specific battery.

Hydraulic pumps can take heavy loads easily. On the other hand, electric winches use permanent magnet motors.

Electric winches can not take heavy loads. That’s why hydraulic winches are better than electric winches for a jeep.

Final Verdict:

Having the best synthetic rope winch for a jeep can bail you out of any situation. Getting a budget-friendly synthetic rope winch for the jeep is hard.

It needs a lot of research to get the best winch for the jeep. If you don’t have any budget issues you can go with any winch for jeeps. But if you have budget issues then you need a lot of research.

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