Are camper shells available for the Toyota Tacoma?

Do you have a Toyota Tacoma truck and love going on adventures with it? Then you should read this article entirely because I will answer the question: Are camper shells available for the Toyota Tacoma?

I will also suggest some of the best camper shells in the market for your Tacoma. In addition, I am sure that if you have a Toyota Tacoma truck, you will feel the need for a camper shell.

Dive into our article as we will give you the correct information on Toyota Tacoma camper shells that will benefit you and make it easy to choose the right camper shell.

What is a Tacoma Camper?

The Tacoma Camper is your truck’s pop-up camper that you place over the cab and truck bed to create a shelter.

Are camper shells available for the Toyota Tacoma

Most Tacoma campers have soft shells made from regular tent canvas, although some feature a hard top shell. They are an essential Tacoma mod to improve the look of your truck and even increase its utility.

What is the camper shell for?

The cargo shell is essential if you have a Toyota Tacoma because it covers your open truck part very well.

Especially when you go on a camping trip, this camping shell is a must-have addition for you.

This jacket will keep you safe in any weather. Besides, when you’re out on a trip with plenty of storage, it will keep them dry from rain and snow.

Some of the best Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma –

You will find a variety of camper shells on the market for your favorite Tacoma, from soft to hard tops that will fit over a truck topper.

You can choose the one that suits you based on your needs. We have discussed six camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma here. Please, take a look –

1. Best Hard-Sided Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma: Kimbo Camper 6 Series

You can compare Kimbo to a beautiful little house as the Kimbo 6 is a versatile truck camper, and, you can get an optional Goal Zero inverter for maximum power.

You also get a propane fireplace, a nice kitchen area, and plenty of storage space.

Kimbo’s founder, Mark King, drew inspiration from the submarine USS Alabama to create it. So, he has a good understanding of what you need to stay there.

The advantage is that the inner walls of the shell are made of thick brushed fabric, adding another insulating layer for warmth. The Kimbo Camper has plenty of room space to sleep two people comfortably.

The disadvantages of Kimbo 6 are the lack of a tank to hold wastewater and that most storage is in the open, hanging wire bins.

The Kimbo 6 is an excellent truck camper in every Tacoma if you’re out for full-time travel, from remote locations or nasty weather to off-road trails.

2. Scout Yoho 6.0 Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma

Think of the Yoho as a backpack for your truck camper when you head out on adventures with your beloved Tacoma truck.

YOHO 6 off-grid essentials, where you will find everything, you need for over-landing adventures, such as solar power, a portable power station, LED lights, and more.

You can also choose from optional add-ons to enhance your off-grid experiences, such as a 260-degree awning, a portable fridge or freezer, and even an optional rooftop tent for guests. In a word, this is an excellent shell.

The significant advantage is its small size and low base weight, and you can access more terrain.

The YoHo 6 is durable, safe, and built for four-season travel. Besides this, four people can sleep comfortably in the truck camper.

Compared to other truck campers, it is a more expensive model, and the main disadvantage of the Scout YOHO 6 is that this truck camper needs more space for the bath.

3. Overland Explorer Vehicle Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma

In the Camp-M, you will find a chest-style fridge tray, an aluminum propane cabinet with a 10-pound bottle, a 20-gallon fresh water tank, and more.

The Canada-based Overland Company makes the best truck campers on the market today.

However, It has sleeping space for three people. Even if you want, you can add more to the camper shell according to your choice.

The disadvantages of Camp-M are that it is expensive and does not include a cooktop.

4. AT Overland Summit Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma

This is another excellent truck camper shell because this summit truck topper will fit perfectly in your truck bed. Additionally, it has a spacious cargo area and a moon roof above the bed, so you can fall asleep watching the stars.

The advantage of the Overland Summit comes with a built-in cable raceway for a clean 12V set-up that is incredibly easy to deploy and store.

However, this is a premium truck camper, and the quality of craftsmanship is evident. So, you can choose this shell for your truck.

5. Four Wheel Topper Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma

One of the best truck campers on the market is the four-wheel camper Project M Topper. It’s weighing 375–475 pounds and easily fits almost any Toyota Tacoma model.

The four-wheel camper Project M model is bare inside but comes with insulated side walls, a toughened front window, and more.

This is one of the most customizable campers for the Toyota Tacoma. It is designed in such a way that four people can stay comfortably. Furthermore, it also has a bathroom.

Features include four interior LED lights, pre-wiring for a roof vent fan, rear floodlights, and a solar reflective shade on the roof.

It uses the same rigid cast aluminum frame construction as the rest of the company’s slide-in truck campers.

The downside to the Project M Topper is that this truck camper can be pretty expensive, depending on what you add.

Since this truck camper is empty when you buy it, you can’t avoid spending extra money on the interior details.

6. Phoenix Mini-Max Camper shells for the Toyota Tacoma

Are you looking for a truck camper that has an elegant design? Then the Phoenix Mini-Max will be your best choice as it has many features.

It’s a pop-up truck camper, as you will feel like the Mini-Max Camper is your tiny home. You will get a comfortable bed for three people, a bathroom and a kitchen for cooking. Also, you will get a grey water tank under the subfloor.

This truck camper is genuinely the best on the market today because of its high-quality materials and the 100-watt solar panel. I am pretty sure that you will love this all-season truck camper.

In Conclusion:

Camper shall is available for Tacoma, and you already know that. A camper shell is outstanding for camping trips, but each has pros and cons. So, figure out which one is more useful for you. Take a slow and steady decision, and you can make the right decision because you are still reading.