Toyota Tacoma long bed vs short bed: Figure out the distinction – [2023]

Tacoma is a medium-size pickup manufactured by the world-known automotive company Toyota. It comes with different bed sizes, body styles, and various cab configurations.

It is available in both short bed and long bed variants. Because of their individual advantages and disadvantages, it has become confusing for many car enthusiasts to choose the right bed.

However, they both are best based on their characteristics and that may be another reason for confusion.  If you have decided to buy a Tacoma pickup truck with the perfect bed without making any mistake then continue.

This article is going to elaborate it thoroughly that will undoubtedly assist you to find the best one. Let’s start without wasting any time.

Ultimate Differences: Toyota Tacoma long bed vs short bed

There are several differences between Tacoma’s long and short beds, but some major variations make them depart from each other.

Toyota Tacoma long bed vs short bed

Most of the time they are disparate because of their dimensions, body style, handling, cost, payload capacity, mileage, transmission system, Tacoma mods, and so on. So, what are we waiting for?

1. Dimensions: The Tacoma long bed comes with a 6.1 ft. length or approximately 73 inches. The width between wheels housing (both sides) is 3.5 ft. or about 41 inches.

In addition, the length of the Tacoma short bed is about 5 ft. or 60-61 inches and the width is 3.5 ft. or 41 inches.

The bed height remains the same for both long and short beds. Additionally, the chassis and wheelbase design is also the same.

The wheelbase is the same for both of them so that you can mount them (wheelbase) easily during cab configuration.

2. Body Style: Before 2015, Toyota Tacoma had single body styles nevertheless after that it comes with two body styles. The two body styles are access and double cab configurations.

There is a long bed option in Tacoma access cab configurations but on the other hand, the double cab comes with a short bed feature.

3. Cost: The chassis length and payload capacity of the long bed is higher than the Tacoma short bed. As its engine power, payload capacity and chassis length are more so, the cost will be more.

For instance, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma direct cycle engine (24 valves) with 6-cylinder transmission, the 6-speed gearbox (Manual), and also the long bed price range is $32,000 to $35,000.  You can get this with a short bed for $1000 to $2000 less price than a long bed.

4. The capacity of Towing: When comparing those two beds based on payload/towing capacity, then the long bed capacity is more than the other because of its large chassis size.

The long bed is suitable with the cooled transmission, with the short one is not. Because of the long distance between Tacoma rear and front wheels, it needs a good payload capacity for your car.

It serves your car stability during towing massive loads. For example, Tacoma truck payload capacity with the short bed is 1,155 pounds whereas for long bed truck it is more than that (approximate, 1200lbs. To 1400 lbs.).

5. Space of parking: The parking space is another one that differs between a long bed and a short bed. Whenever a long bed Tacoma truck parks, it takes 1 foot more space compared to a short bed.

In public parking, it is hard to find any suitable place and most probably you won’t find any to park your long bed truck. The driver needs to pay extra attention while driving the long bed Tacoma truck for avoiding collisions with other vehicles.

6. Transmission Systems: One of the best advantages of short bed Tacoma is, it’s available in both automatic and manual transmission versions. On the other hand, the long bed is only available for automatic transmission version.

The good side of the automatic transmission is anyone can get better mileage, but it is not possible on manual transmission, although it will serve the best payload capacity. So, choose the one which will be the best fit for your vehicle.

7. Applications: Although a short bed is easy to handle and because of its fewer luggage requirements, it is perfect as a family vehicle.

Because of its better off-roading features, anyone can take it for family trips. It (short bed) is the suitable one for construction materials transportation.

Why Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is an accepted truck by most users as it is reliable and their latest one. It comes with lots of features and different options that make it very versatile. If you are searching for a good pickup truck, it can be your best option.

There are two-bed sizes are available in this truck – one is the long bed which is 6 feet long and another is 5 feet short bed.

The short bed offers more advantages since it has the same length as the Access Cab, but it doesn’t have any rear seat. If you require a backseat occasionally, then you should think about Access Cab.

The long bed is what most people are searching for in a truck. It allows plenty of cargo space, I found some massive deals on a single cab long bed Toyota Tacoma.

Tacoma double cab with long bed:

Most of the owners of Tacoma think that a Double cab is good for transporting more than three people whereas another cab like an access cab is good to carry for only one person.

The features of a double cab are two beds size and four full-size doors. Between these two beds, the shorter one is 5 feet and the longer one is 6 feet long.

The advantage of access cab is it comes grown traction and power capacity, which leads to excellent performance. Each cab comes with different features, and you have to decide which one will be best for you.

Tacoma: Access Cab vs Double Cab

This car has multifarious combinations of transmission and engine, a 60.5 inches short bed or a 73.7 inches long bed, and an extended Double Cab or regular Access Cab.

If you select the Double Cab, you can opt for either the 127 inches shorter wheelbase with an option of a short bed or long bed, while the Access Cab only comes with 141 inches longer wheelbase and a long bed also.

If we compare based on rows of seating, then both (Double Cab and the Access Cab) have two rows of seating, but there is more space in the Double Cab than in others.

In Access Cab, a center console in the second-row spread utility for the rear-seat passengers. But the seating limits are a total of four occupants in the vehicle, and the second row is suitable for smaller people.

The Double Cab style also has rear bulkhead storage in the back seat. It features full-sized doors that open in a conventional way, on the other hand, the compact doors of Access Cab open backward.

Most of the Tacoma users feel, Double Cab comes with a wider back row and regular-sized doors, which is more like an SUV with extra interior space.

It’s a must for those trucks that regularly transit a crew of more than three people and less than six. The Access Cab is a good one for those who prefer a more consecutive truck and don’t allow more than one passenger.

The advantage of the Access Cab is its enhanced performance, traction, and increased power.

The price of the Double Cab version of Toyota Tacoma starts from $27,530 whereas the Access Cab version price starts from $26,700. The best way to decide which one is the best suited for you is to see the back seat performance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Does a bed of queen-size fit in a Toyota Tacoma?

Ans: Toyota Tacoma is going to fit your queen-size bed without any issue! As the long bed truck is longer than a short bed truck, you possibly won’t even entail leaving the tailgate down. Simply slide in your mattress! It may desire to rest on the wheel wells depending on the width within the wheel wells of the bed.

Q: How many inches long is the Tacoma bed?

Ans: The length of the 5-foot bed is 60.5 inches, width is 41.5 inches, and height is 19.1 inches. And the length of the 6-foot bed is 73.7 inches, width and height are the same.

Q: Will a mattress of full-size fit in a truck bed?

Ans: Most of the mattresses will not fit inside a hatchback or car’s trunk. However, numerous vehicles are ideal for moving a double, twin, full, or even king-sized mattress. For instance, most mattresses of any size will fit into a typical pickup and if you have one of them then you’re in good shape.

Q: Will a twin mattress fit in a truck of short beds?

Ans: A twin mattress will fit in any truck except a truck of short beds. To fit in a short bed, you have to leave the tailgate down so that it rests flat on it.

Q: Is it possible to fold a mattress in half?

Ans: As the mattress which is 1- to 2-inch-thick foam is not very thick, it can be easily folded in half. there is no chance of damage to it when it will unfold. But it is recommended not to be kept folded for more than three weeks.

In Conclusion:

Are looking for a truck with a lot of space and headroom? Then the Tacoma long bed can be your best option. Compared to the short bed, it has extra width and length.

The short bed is better suited for those people who have smaller families or pets and don’t plan on hauling larger items like appliances or lumber in their trucks frequently.

This article described thoroughly both long and short beds of Tacoma. I think you will be benefited from this to select the perfect bed for your vehicle.

So, which bed are you using now? Is it a Toyota Tacoma long or short bed?