Tacoma Access Cab vs Double Cab: The Great Tacoma Debate

The Toyota Tacoma is a highly regarded midsize truck known for its off-road capabilities. One of the most important choices buyers must make when buying a Tacoma is between the Access Cab and the Double Cab. 

The Access Cab is the more compact option, with two small, rear-hinged doors and room for four passengers. On the other hand, the double cab is larger, with four full-sized doors and seating for up to five people. 

Tacoma access cab vs double cab; both choices have pros and cons, making them good for different kinds of buyers. This article will help you choose between the Tacoma Access Cab and the Double cab by comparing their features.

Why is it called a double cab?

The name “Double Cab” might sound strange initially, but it makes sense when you understand what it refers to. 

Essentially, the “Double” part of the name concerns the number of doors on the cab. More specifically, the Double Cab has two standard-sized doors up front and two smaller doors in the back for easier access to the rear seats.

Those who regularly use their Tacoma to transport passengers will appreciate this feature. With these other doors, entering and exiting the vehicle is much simpler, and passengers have more space to stretch out and get comfortable. 

Other manufacturers may use the terms “crew cab” or “quad cab” to describe this type of cab, but Toyota prefers the term “Double Cab.”

In recent years, it is not surprising that the double cab has become a popular option. After all, who wouldn’t want more space and ease when transporting passengers?  

The Double Cab is a great choice that can make your life much easier, whether you’re driving with your family or often need to take coworkers or friends places.

Why is it called an access cab?

Are you familiar with the term “access cab”? It might not be as common a term as “double cab,” but the Toyota Tacoma is also available with this type of cab. The name “Access Cab” actually tells you a bit about what makes this cab style different.

The “Access” part of the name refers to the back-hinged doors that make getting to the back seats easier. These doors open from the rear, which is helpful if you need to get in and out of the back seat frequently. 

Some people call these doors “suicide doors,” but Toyota chose “Access Cab” to emphasize how convenient they are.

The Access Cab is smaller and easier to turn than the Double Cab. It is a good option if you need a truck with some passenger or cargo space but want something easier to park and handle. 

With its unique door configuration and practical design, the Access Cab is a versatile and practical option for anyone who wants a pickup truck that’s both functional and easy to use.

Tacoma access cab vs double cab:

When it comes to the Toyota Tacoma, the Access Cab and Double Cab styles have a few key differences to consider:

1. Size

This compares the overall sizes of the two types of cabs for the midsize Toyota Tacoma truck. The Access Cab is smaller than the Double Cab, with a shorter wheelbase and overall length. The difference in size can affect how you drive, park, and maneuver. 

2. Seating Capacity

Seating capacity refers to the number of passengers each cab style can accommodate. The Access Cab can fit up to four people, while the Double Cab can fit up to five.

The number of seats can affect how easily and comfortably people travel, especially if they often travel with more than one person.

Tacoma access cab vs double cab

3. Cargo Space

This is the amount of space available in the bed of each cab style. The Double Cab comes with either a short bed of 60.5 inches or a long bed of 73.7 inches, while the Access Cab has a longer bed of 73.7 inches. 

The difference in cargo space can affect how flexible and useful a vehicle is for people who often carry large or bulky items.

4. Price

This subheading refers to the difference in cost between the two cab styles. The Access Cab is generally cheaper than the Double cab because it is smaller and can hold fewer people. The price difference can affect the affordability and value of the vehicle for potential buyers.

The final decision between the Toyota Tacoma Access Cab and the Double cab should be based on the buyer’s specific wants and needs. 

The Access Cab could be preferable if you need a lot of storage space and a few passenger seats. But if you need more space for passengers or want to customize the size of your bed, the Double Cab could be a better option.

Is Double cab four doors?

Maybe you’re wondering if the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is a two-door or four-door pickup.

And the answer is yes; the double cab is typically a 4-door design. Meaning, it has two regular-sized doors up front and two hatchback-sized doors in the back. 

If you frequently have passengers in your vehicle or need to access the cargo area in the back, these doors will be a great option. 

Having four doors can be a real game-changer regarding practicality and convenience. When you have a double cab, getting in and out of the vehicle and relocating to the back seats is a breeze. 

Plus, the extra doors make loading and unloading cargo a breeze, as you can easily reach into the back seat or bed of the truck from either side.

It’s important to remember that the size of the cab and the arrangement of the doors can vary slightly from year to year and model to model of Tacoma, even among double cabs.

The Double Cab, on the other hand, is known for its roomy cabin and practical 4-door design.

So if you’re looking for a versatile and practical midsize truck with plenty of space and easy access, the Double Cab might be just what you need.


Choosing between the Tacoma Access Cab and Double Cab comes down to individual preferences and needs. 

The Access Cab has a longer bed and is better for people who want to carry more cargo, while the Double Cab gives you more options because it has a bigger back seat and more doors. 

The decision of Tacoma Access Cab vs Double Cab ultimately depends on what the buyer plans to use the truck for and how many passengers they must carry regularly.

No matter what kind of cab you choose, the Toyota Tacoma is a reliable and capable midsize truck that performs well and can go off-road. 

The Tacoma is a great choice for people who want a truck that can handle various tasks and terrain and is known for being durable and reliable. 

Whether you go with the Access Cab or the Double Cab, you can rest assured that you’ve made a good choice in purchasing a Toyota Tacoma.