How to break the club steering wheel lock in just 3 steps-2023

Club steering wheel lock is important to protect your car from happens something unwanted. With numerous advantages, it has some disadvantages also. Lost the key of your car lock is one of them. You don’t have to face any terrible situation if the key is ok.

But unfortunately, the key can be lost or damaged. The local police can’t unlock your car’s steering column but break the steering wheel, and sometimes, even it is not likely to happen.

A locksmith can be the solution to this problem but an expert removing the device can be costly.

Luckily, you can remove it yourself by breaking the Club steering wheel lock with a little bit of knowledge and the right tools. In this article, we will let you know how to break the club steering wheel lock.

How to break the club steering wheel lock?

A steering wheel lock whether it is a club steering wheel lock or another one is a car stealing stoppage device designed to stop thieves from stealing the car. Club steering wheel lock is a steel bar that hooks around the inside of the steering wheel that stops the wheels to turn.

The Club steering wheel lock can be conventionally only unlocked with the key that came with it. So, if you lost the key then how do you overcome this horrible problem? Well, you can solve the problem without any mistake by following methods –

  • Breaking the lock by using a screwdriver
  • Break the lock with Freon

Breaking the lock by using a screwdriver:

There are 3 steps to remove the steering wheel lock by using a screwdriver. The steps are –

1stHitting on the handle with a hammer: For the comparatively thin steering column of the Club, the lock in the center isn’t much durable.

Firstly, enter a screwdriver into the lock and push it more into the lock by hitting on the handle with a hammer. It will open the gears of the lock cylinder.

2nd – Open the lock with an easy rotation: After the gears are opened, you can open the lock with an easy rotation of the screwdriver.

3rd – Stretch the steel rod: After the lock is open, stretch the steel rod and eliminate the device. This brute-power technique is not assured to work. If you have not got any luck with this technique, try the Freon technique.

Break the lock with Freon:

To remove the steering wheel lock with Freon you have to follow the following 3 steps. The steps are –

Step 1 – Eliminate The Club without the help of a key: The top method to eliminate The Club without the help of a key needs a can of liquid Freon. If liquid Freon is not available, you can use liquid nitrogen.

You need to wear heavy work gloves and safety goggles before starting this method.

Because both freon and liquid nitrogen are possibly hazardous if they come into interaction with your face or body. Firstly, purchase a can of freon and connect the valve stem.

Step 2 – Sprinkle the liquid freon: Now, you need to sprinkle the liquid freon into the slot of the Club’s steering lock. It will cause the metal of the steering wheel lock to ice over.

Step3- Use a hammer: Use a hammer to tire iron or other blunt item and bang the frozen portion of the lock. It will break the metal and unlock the steering wheel.

Tools that you need to complete the job (Breaking the Steering Wheel) perfectly:

First of all, you need a liquid Freon or you can use liquid Nitrogen if it is unable for you to manage liquid Freon.

It is good to use Nitrogen because it is cheaper than Freon and fumes are not toxic. Liquid Nitrogen does not destroy the Ozone Layer and is more effective and quicker than Freon.

Additionally, you need a hammer, heavy work gloves, a heavy plastic bag, and safety goggles. Now, it’s time to ready yourself to break the steering wheel. So, what you have to do is –

  1. Wear gloves and goggles.
  2. Detach the pin from the end of the attachment.
  3. Now append the attachment with the can of Freon and make sure your body and face are away from the nozzle because it is dangerous for your face and body.
  4. Directly point the nozzle towards the club.
  5. Instantly place the can into the plastic bag.
  6. Hit the iced-over lock forcibly with the hammer. If you do it properly then your club steering wheel will break and release your lock.

What should I do if I lost the key to my Club Twin Hooks steering wheel lock?

Losing the key to your Club Twin Hooks steering wheel lock can be frustrating but don’t worry! You can try a few things to get it unlocked.

First, contact the manufacturer of the steering wheel lock to see if a replacement key or other solutions are available. If you have any extra keys, test them to see if they work.

How to break the club steering wheel lock

If you’re still stuck, you can hire a locksmith to pick the lock or make a new key for you. It can be a good option if you need to use your car urgently.

If none of these options work or you don’t want to pay a locksmith, you can try other methods to unlock the steering wheel. You can use lubricant spray, hammer or bolt cutters, or a power drill to get it off.

Finally, once you’ve removed the lock, keep your keys safe or consider using a different anti-theft device to prevent this from happening again.

Does the club steering wheel lock work ?

Although the club steering wheel lock is an excellent choice to protect their vehicle from car theft, the big question is: does it work? To some extent, the answer is yes.

It attaches to your steering wheel and prevents thieves from turning it. It’s also a visible deterrent, and the mere sight of it can discourage thieves from even attempting to steal your car.

However, keep in mind that no anti-theft device is entirely foolproof. A determined thief may be able to break through the device and steal your car. Furthermore, specific models of the Club may be easier to bypass than others.

How does the club steering wheel lock work?

The Club steering wheel lock connects to the steering wheel to successfully lock it in place. It will stop somebody who is in the driver’s seat from doing any turns with the car or even getting it out of a similar parked condition.

The Club steering wheel lock was designed as a supplementary preventive to car stealing. The first difficulty for thieves is the ignition.

Several car thieves can now use hot wiring methods or use instruments like a screwdriver to engage the ignition by force.

As a result, a few drivers found that they required further enhanced security measures. With the Club steering wheel lock, even if the thief can turn on the vehicle for car theft, navigation is not possible.

How to pick a club steering wheel lock?

The Club steering wheel lock’s shiny yellow plastic coating makes it simple for a car thief to pick, and its double hook design makes it tough for a thief to steal the vehicle.

The locking device’s twin-hook design made it one of the best steering wheel locks. Because the 2 hooks automatically make it twice as tough for a prospective thief to remove it from your steering wheel.

It also makes the locks moderately challenging to pick. The strengthened housing around the lock aids in defending against drilling. But somebody with lockpicking expertise can effortlessly pick the wafer lock and eradicate the device.

The Club steering wheel lock can also be broken by pure power, like a solid hit or kick can bend the Chromoly steel tubing sufficiently to eliminate it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Q: Is the Club steering wheel lock effective?

Ans: Similar to every safety device, the Club steering wheel lock is not unbeatable but they work as a supplementary preventive to car stealing.
They are affordable and, when loyally used as a portion of a layered security strategy, they can be pretty effective.

Q: Why does a steering wheel lock when parked?

Ans: A general reason for a steering wheel getting locked is that during parking the car, you have involved one of its protection features.

It occurs if you stop the car and rotate its wheels slightly right or left. Thus, one of the lock slots will get jammed and you will have a stuck car.

Q: Is a steering wheel lock easy to break?

Ans: A steering wheel lock is a weighty piece of metal that prevents your car to drive. It aids in defending your car from stealing, as it is very tough to break. A steering wheel lock is a visual stealing preventive.

It aids to make your car much harder to theft, causing prospective thieves to look somewhere else.

Q: What is a Disklok?

Ans: Disklok is the most powerful and most effective full cover steering wheel safety lock worldwide for vehicles.

The exceptional benefit of it is that it can spin on the wheel once attacked, stopping steering and causing harm to the vehicle’s steering wheel lock.

Q: How many common steering wheel lock systems are there on the market?

Ans: Generally, there are three kinds of common steering wheel locking devices on the market nowadays.

They are Disklok steering wheel locks, Aumo-Mate steering wheel locks, and The Club steering wheel locks.


The Club steering wheel lock can only be detached generally with a key fitting into the essential lock at the center of the bar.

Occasionally a car owner might lose her key, eventually trapping herself till a locksmith can be summoned to eliminate the device.

It charges both time and cash. Gratefully there are other ways to eradicate the device like breaking it.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have known everything about how to break the club steering wheel lock.