The Secrets of How Long Does Paint Correction Take?

Do you know, how long does paint correction take? If your answer is negative then you must have come here to know about that. The good news is you are in the right place because this article is going to thoroughly describe it.

This article will talk about correction cost, is it possible or not and much more related to it. Keep reading to know how long does it take and all about related to it. Let’s start with the definition of paint correction.


It is a method of revealing the shine of your car paint top layer by removing scratches, swirl marks. 

You can use microfiber buffing pads, an electric polisher, and a special cutting compound to remove scratches from car paint. It can be a good method if someone wants to give Nano ceramic coating to his car.

How long does paint correction take?

It depends on the defects condition of your car paint and your expected results. If the paint defect is minor, it may take up to 2 days. If there is a major paint defect, the time of your correction can be up to 1 week.

There are three stages of paint correction. You need to apply the stages on the basis of your car condition. The correction time will be different for these three different stages.

How Long Does Paint Correction Take

Paint correction (stage-1):

Stage 1 is the process of polishing the paint in one step using a mixture of polish and pad.

If there are no major marring and visible swirls in the car paint, then stage 1 paint correction can be a good one for your car paint. It takes up to 2 days for minor defects and for major defects it will take up to 7-8 days.

Paint correction (stage-2):

If your car has moderate swirl marks and light scratches then this stage is for you. This stage 2 correction is done with a mixture of two different polishes and pads.

The finishing polish and finishing pad used in this stage refine the work of paint correction by removing the marring and swirls left in the previous step. The stage-2 takes more than 4 hours to complete this process.

Paint correction (stage-3):

Stage-3 is a good solution if the car has heavy swirl marks, scratches, and other major paint defects. At this stage, 3 different polish and pad combinations are used for it. 

The first step in this stage is to remove the swirl mark with a heavy cutting compound with a heavy cutting pad. 

In the second step cutting polish and polishing pads are used to remove excess swirls of the first step. Used finishing polish and finishing pads in the last step to make the paintwork more refined.

How much does paint correction cost?

It depends on your car and what type of paint you buy. Moreover, the cost of it depends on how long it will take to complete. 

The average cost starts at $500 and it can be more than $2500 on the basis of your correction.  It’s worth mentioning that you will be charged per hour for any additional work after correction.

At a glance the variables on which the cost depends:

  1. Vehicle size: Paint correction cost depend on vehicle size so, for a large size car, it will take more time than a small size car.
  2. Vehicle condition: For a new car It takes relatively less time than for an old car. That’s why the vehicle condition is also a factor in cost.
  3. Customer Expectations: It is important to know the customer’s expectations when it comes to painting refining as it depends on the cost of paint correction.
  4. Your selecting stages: The cost depends on the type of stage you have chosen for your correction. This is why it is important to consider when determining the cost.

How much stage-1 paint correction cost?

This stage is basically for minor defect of new vehicles.Most people think that the new car that has just been delivered does not need paint correction. But that is a misconception.

A new car requires at least one stage paint correction service that will correct defects such as holograms from the production line, wash-induced marking from the wash bay.

The stage will correct the 90% correction of light rotation and defective car and give you a brand new car. It allows you to remove even the minor heavier bug in your everyday vehicle. It step takes 2 days to correct some minor paints and can take up to 7-8 days to correct severe paints.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs:

Q: Does painting correction good?

Ans: It is definitely better when you think about the brightness and longevity of the car’s appearance. Although it is a bit expensive, it is good for your car.

Q: What is the means of full paint correction?

Ans: It is the process of restoring and reviving a car’s paintwork used by car cleaning enthusiasts and professional car detailer.

It is also a mechanical leveling of car paint and is done to remove light scratches and swirl marks. However it is also used to remove hologramming,bird dropping etching and swirl marks.

Q: Is it possible for anyone to do paint correction at home?

Ans: Yes, it is possible for everyone to do. But I will tell you that it is not an easy task at all because it is a labor-intensive task.
If you make a mistake while correcting the paint, there is a possibility of getting scratches on your car which will be harmful to your car paint.

Q: Can I use a magic eraser to remove scratches?

Ans: Magic eraser is a micro-scrubbing technology that is used to clean the kitchen, walls, and bathrooms. Due to micro-scrubbing technology you can use it to remove the scratches on your car. But it is recommanded to use car specific tools to remove scratch.

Q: How to use a magic eraser to remove car scratches?

Ans: To use a magic eraser first you need to wash your car after that wet the magic easer and rub smoothly to remove the scratches from your car.

In Conclusion:

Paint correction is the method of removing swirl marks and scratches from your car paint. This method is a good one to make your car paint shiny. 

There are 3 paint correction stages and the correction time will vary on which stages you are using for your car.

The stage-1 take maximum 3 hours,stage-2 take 4+ hours and stage-3 take maximum 12 hours time to complete.

Although,It is a bit time-consuming but it is great for your car. However, now you are conscious about how long does paint correction take? Because still now you are reading.

Have you ever done paint correction on your car? How well did it feel to you?