Can a Toyota Tacoma be flat towed? – Find Out Now!

Flat towing, also known as dinghy towing, is a popular method of towing a vehicle. It is popular because you can tow the vehicle behind an RV or motor home without using a trailer.

This method permits for greater flexibility and benefit while on the road. It eliminates the need to disconnect and reattach a trailer.

Yet, not all vehicles are worthy for flat towing, and need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting so.

This article will explore whether a Toyota Tacoma can be flat towed and serve necessary information you need to take for towing.

Can a Toyota Tacoma be flat towed?

A Toyota Tacoma can be flat-towed, which means it can tow behind a motorhome or recreational vehicle without the wheels turning. But, certain conditions must meet for flat-towed your Tacoma. 

First, the Tacoma must be a 4WD model, which is why flat-towing a 2WD model can cause damage to the transmission, drive line, and other components.

Flat-towing with an automatic transmission can also cause damage. So, the Tacoma must have a manual transmission.

Can a Toyota Tacoma be flat towed

Before flat-towing a Tacoma, it is also necessary to disconnect the driveshaft. The driveshaft will prevent the wheels from turning while the vehicle is being towed, and cause damage to the transmission and other components

Furthermore, the emergency brake must be attached to remain the vehicle stable during towing.

The manual will have detailed information about the recommended procedures and any necessary precautions. To ensure safe towing, it’s crucial to use a flat-tow-specific vehicle wiring harness and dolly.

However, keep in mind that even when following proper procedures, flat-towing can put extra strain on the vehicle’s components and systems.

So, limiting the time and mileage when flat-towing is recommended. It’s crucial to monitor the vehicle’s components and systems to detect any signs of wear or damage.

For the best results, consult the manufacturer for recommended flat-towing procedures for your specific vehicle model. Make sure you understand the potential impact on the vehicle if towing is not done.

Why Should You Not Flat Tow the Toyota Tacoma?

As we said before, flat-towing a Toyota Tacoma involves towing the vehicle behind a recreational or motorhome vehicle without the wheels rotating, but it’s not always recommended.

Here are a few reasons why you may desire to avoid flat-towing a Tacoma:

1. Harm to the drivetrain:

Flat-towing a 2WD Toyota Tacoma can lead to costly damage to the transmission and driveline. Besides, flat-towing with an automatic transmission can also cause damage.

2. Extra stress on the vehicle’s systems:

Flat-towing puts extra pressure on the vehicle’s systems and parts, leading to wear and tear over time. In addition, this can result in the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

3. Safety concerns:

Flat-towing a vehicle can also rise safety concerns. The car can be stable and easily handled if done flat towing correctly, saving yourself and others from risk.

4. Not recommended by the manufacturer:

Toyota does not recommend flat-towing a Tacoma due to the damage caused by towing it in this manner.

5. Limited mileage and time:

Even when the vehicle is correctly prepared for flat-towing, there is still a limitation to how much time and mileage can be safely flat-towed.

Before deciding to flat-tow your Tacoma, you must speak with a Toyota dealer or discuss the owner’s manual for particular instructions.

And even when you follow all the recommended procedures, it is still best to limit the time and mileage when flat-towing and keep an eye on the vehicle’s systems and parts to ensure they are not showing any signs of wear or damage.

What are the risks of Flat Towing a Tacoma?

  • Expensive: Flat towing a Tacoma can be costly, as it requires the purchase of additional equipment, such as a hitch and wiring harness. Additionally, setting up the vehicle for flat towing can require significant time and labor.
  • Void Your Warranty: Flat-towing a Toyota Tacoma can void the manufacturer’s warranty, as it is not a recommended form of towing. Any damage or issues caused by flat towing will not be covered under warranty.
  • Void Insurance: Some insurance companies may not cover damage to a Tacoma caused by flat towing. If this is the case, the vehicle owner could be left with significant repair costs.
  • Personal Liability: Flat towing a Tacoma can also create a liability issue, as it can be challenging to control the vehicle while it is being pulled. This can put other drivers and pedestrians at risk of injury or property damage.

Additionally, towing a vehicle that is not designed for it can cause issues during emergency braking or unexpected situation and could be seen as negligence by the insurance company.

How to save on insurance for your Tacoma?

Here are a few tips on how to save on insurance for your Tacoma:

1.    Bundle your insurance: Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling multiple policies, such as home, auto, and renters insurance. Bundling your policies could save up to 25% on your insurance costs.

2.    Raise your deductible: The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. By raising your deductible, you can lower your monthly insurance premium. Make sure you have enough savings to cover the higher deductible in case of an accident.

3.    Get discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts for things like good driving records, safety features on your Tacoma, and is a member of specific organizations. Ask your insurance company for discounts, and make sure you qualify.

4.    Shop around: Insurance rates can vary significantly between insurance companies, so shopping around and comparing rates is essential. Get quotes from multiple companies and ensure you’re getting the best deal.

5.    Review your coverage: Regularly review your insurance coverage to ensure that you have the appropriate range for your Tacoma. Over time, your car’s value may decrease, so you may pay for more coverage than you need.

By following these tips, you can save money on your insurance for your Tacoma without sacrificing coverage.

In Conclusion:

It is possible to flat tow a Toyota Tacoma, but it is essential to take the necessary precautions and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The balanced towing option package installed on your Tacoma is highly recommended before attempting to tow it flat.

Additionally, it is essential to consult your owner’s manual, as well as consult with a Toyota dealer or flat towing professional for guidance.

By taking these precautions and following the guidelines, you can safely flat tow your Toyota Tacoma and enjoy its convenience and flexibility.

Not all Tacoma years and trim levels support flat towing, so check your specific Tacoma make and model.